AskGamblers to host Topsy Turvy AskMania competition

Award-winning online casino AskGamblers has officially launched their Topsy Turvy AskMania competition, a quirky tournament for affiliate managers and casinos alike to participate in.

Loads of eccentric prizes to be won

From October 5th to November 30th, players have the chance to win an array of completely unique prizes. They must use the #AGtopsyturvy hashtag across their social media platforms to battle against one another for the winning title.

Points are also rewarded through the Certificate of Trust, exclusive bonuses, testimonials and so on. Each prize is zany and idiosyncratic, making AskGamblers’ competition all the more thrilling for its participants.

To keep track of how they are doing in the race, contestants can check the leader board on the AskGamblers website which is updated every week. Further information can be obtained from each team’s manager.

Cheering everyone up after a challenging year

The decision to host the Topsy Turvy AskMania competition was made to brighten their affiliates’ spirits after the difficult past few months.

Head of Account at AskGamblers said this on the matter: “It’s been a challenging year for everyone. We’ve been missing our affiliate and casino friends, so we thought – why not organise something that will get their blood rushing and bring sensational prizes to the table?”

They added: “You know, if we already can’t be physically together, we can at least hang out jointly online, playing and racing until our spirits are up. My team and I hope everyone will have the best of fun!”

AskGamblers is officially certified as the best casino website online, providing its users with unbiased reviews on slots, bonuses and casinos. Their Topsy Turvy AskMania competition further proves how valuable they are within the iGaming community.

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