AskGamblers helps players to recover over $8 million in unfairly-held funds

AskGamblers helped players to reclaim over $8.79 million in unpaid, delayed or unfairly-confiscated money last year.

The Catena Media-owned affiliate achieved this via its AskGamblers Complaints Service, with the figure being 30% higher than in 2018.

A record number of customers helped 

Throughout 2019, 9,809 new complaints were submitted by 6,804 players. These spanned across a total of 725 online casino brands.

The number of players seeking help from AskGamblers rose by 24% year-on-year, with nearly 8,000 having done so in 2018.

The AGCS team accepted 2,650 cases, with 2,227 being resolved. This translates to a success rate of 84%, which was 12% higher than during the previous year.

What were the most common complaints? 

The vast majority of received player requests were related to payment issues. There were 6,277 submissions in this respect, with a further 1,275 requiring assistance for account handling issues.

There were 787 miscellaneous requests and 649 related to bonus issues. Elsewhere, 448 customers complained about software and 374 had problems with deposits.

How many requests were accepted in each category? 

Considering most player complaints were related to payment issues, you won’t be surprised to discover that the most requests were also accepted in this category. Of the 6,277 AskGamblers received in this area, 2,195 were approved.

195 complaints related to account handling issues were given the green light, along with 94 concerning problems with depositing.

In the other categories, the AGCS team accepted 81 bonus-related complaints, 50 miscellaneous and 35 in the software issues subsection.

Of the rejected requests, what were the most common reasons for this happening?

AskGamblers declined 2,638 complaints because insufficient information was provided. As for 814 other cases, there was a lack of evidence that the casino in question was guilty of any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, 710 players had violated casino rules prior to sending a request and 628 claims were submitted more than once.

The remaining 319 rejected requests were not related to casino.

Of the resolved cases, the shortest one was sorted in 21 minutes. At the other end of the scale, the longest one lasted for 247 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes.

The average timescale for cases to be resolved was 14 calendar days, or 347 hours.

Back in January, AskGamblers also raised €66,900 for charity at its Charity Night.

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