Andreas Bardun, Mobilt CEO on player transparency and the importance of affiliate marketing

Affiverse had the chance to sit down with Mobilt, a new tech provider with a B2C platform, which powers both KTO Affiliates and Fortune Legends Casino. The platform has been branded as having a strong player focus. After speaking with Miles Saacks, Mobilt’s Head of Affiliates in July, we caught up the CEO, Andreas Bardun on what is new and exciting in their journey so far.

“We started the company about one and a half years ago,” says Andreas. “It is full of people with experience in the industry, and the top guys have worked for all the top companies before such at Betsson, Mr Green and so on. We basically got together and decided we wanted to do something different, and what I mean by different is to create a real player friendly environment and to build something with the player experience in mind. And while we have created the product, every single person who is involved in the creation of it, are players themselves.”

While speaking modestly about his platform, Andreas didn’t hesitate to explain how the product is so different from others in their competitive market.

“We really put a lot of effort into the details, and especially our mobile design, we are very proud of that,” he continued. Our technology is very advanced, along with one of the best designs that come for a mobile casino, so the user experience is something that I think is best-in-class in the market right now. On our site we don’t offer big incentives for new members, there is no, different players get different bonuses – because one player has been more active – with us it’s very simple, as a customer you should always know that you will be rewarded for playing on our site, you don’t get put into different VIP categories, it’s all very simple, we have created this with the player in mind, and we have ensured that there is always an offer for them.” Effectively, the site has created an organic way to create enhanced customer loyalty. “What we have felt, the winnings always have to be in real money. There is no hidden turnover fees, no hidden catches – this is straight mone, straight cash. When you’re playing with us, you’re always going to win real money” Andreas adds.

After being live for about 18 months, Andreas begins to add on what the future is holding for their business, “I think what has changed from the beginning to now, is the reliance on third party platforms, and the biggest thing we are doing right now is that we are  finishing off our own platform. And what we can do better from that? Offer an even better customer experience, which is the main focus of our business. In the beginning we thought we could work with third party platforms to deliver for our customers, what we came to realise is, if you really want to be at the top – you can’t take 50 per cent of the experience from out of your own hands, you need to own the full player experience in your own hands. It’s really exciting to see the shift in what we are now able to offer.”

However as the casino market continues to change and evolve, the Mobilt CEO delves into where he believes the industry is going as we move into the new year: “I think it all comes back to one thing – offering players transparency.”

“Today’s generation of players are very different from what they used to be, we can’t just get anyone to play online now, there are a completely different set of requirements to engage with them. I think the difference now is that people have so much choice to choose from, so I think the main thing to focus on is player transparency and just being honest with your customers; Through telling them there is no hidden fees, no turnover requirements on bonuses or rewards, and just not trying to lure customers into doing things under false pretences. Today’s customers are much more sophisticated and they are more aware of other options. So the main thing for the new year is to be transparent and honest.”

As the conversation came to a close, Bardun touched on the importance of affiliates to his business.

“Affiliates are still so important to our business. Especially when you’re coming up as a newer company, because everyone’s dream is to become number one on Google. It takes times to gain the dream rankings. They will also give you a head start in getting some revenue in for your company and they help build brand awareness because customers are always browsing around on these sites. If your company is not visible on these sites, people are not going to get to know you – and this is going to make your traditional marketing activity much harder.”

While Mobilt’s main markets are spread worldwide, such as Brazil, Finland and Germany, the company is working on gaining new licenses to expand their global footprint. To gain more of an understanding of Mobilt and their unique product offering, visit their website here, or drop by and see their affiliate team to find out more about their unique vault player incentive and affiliate offers for Fortune Legends Casino and KTO sports book brand at the IGB Affiliate Conference in Lisbon with Affiverse on stand C61.

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