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AMPLIFY Summit 2024 | Focus on 1win Partners

The Affiverse AMPLIFY Virtual Summit is taking place next week on March 19 and 20. As we count down the days to this immersive learning experience, we shine the spotlight on 1win Partners. Kirill Mamzilov, Head of Affiliates at 1win Partners, will be speaking on the panel: Navigating Rising Acquisition Costs in the Affiliate Industry. Our speakers will be helping delegates to discover new niches and negotiate better commercial deals on how best to manage rising costs from affiliate referred customers.

About 1win Partners

1win Affiliate Program merges innovation with affiliate strategies in the online gambling sector. With diverse offerings, authentic partnerships, and a commitment to integrity, 1win leads the charge in transparent and rewarding affiliate marketing. The 1win Affiliate Program offers more than just financial rewards; it prioritises growth and relationship-building. A dedicated support team is available to assist affiliates, ensuring they understand the online gambling industry and affiliate tracking software. The program is flexible, catering to both industry veterans and newcomers with tailored solutions for individual growth and learning needs.

We asked Kirill Mamzilov, Head of Affiliates at 1win Partners, to answer a few questions ahead of AMPLIFY 2024:

Q. What inspired 1win to become a sponsor for AMPLIFY SUMMIT 2024?

A. Sponsoring AMPLIFY SUMMIT 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity for us to elevate our brand presence, engage in meaningful conversations with our target audience, and acquire essential insights into the evolving landscape of affiliate marketing. It also opens the door to connecting with a vibrant community of professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, fostering valuable networking and the exchange of knowledge.

Q. What advantages does sponsoring a digital event have over a physical one?

A. Sponsoring a digital event like AMPLIFY 2024 propels our reach to a global audience, breaking the confines of geography. People can participate from any corner of the globe, ensuring our message resonates far and wide. This format also presents cost-effective solutions and provides precise metrics for attendee engagement, allowing us to connect broadly, save significantly, and measure impact meticulously.

Q. What strategies will 1win Partners employ to use the event sponsorship to bolster ties with current partners and entice new affiliates?

A. By capitalising on prominent branding opportunities throughout the digital landscape of Amplify 2024, we aim to underscore our dedication to our partners while capturing the interest of prospective affiliates. Our presence on the panel will serve as a catalyst for interaction, fostering a natural environment for relationship development and idea exchange.

Q. What features of AMPLIFY make it an especially appealing event for 1win Partners to sponsor?

A. The inclusive scope of AMPLIFY, which encompasses a broad spectrum of the latest trends and insights in affiliate marketing beyond just niche verticals, is particularly compelling for us. Additionally, the convenience of it being an online event eliminates logistical complexities associated with travel, allowing for seamless participation and focus on the content and discussions that matter.

Q. What was your biggest lesson from 2023 and what exciting plans can you tell us about for 2024?

A. We learned in 2023 that we need to be more flexible in how we execute our plans.  This year, we plan to further develop our product in LATAM and increase the reach of the Partners program in the EU.


AMPLIFY 2024 – Gain everything you need to stay ahead of what’s changing and what’s trending

AMPLIFY has been curated to ensure you leave with actionable insights to help you to focus on growing your affiliate program results. Our speakers will show and tell you exactly what tools, strategies and tactical frameworks you can use to stand-out.

Get your ALL ACCESS PASS for just £49:

  • Gain on-demand access to all of the content from both days until July 31 2024. 
  • Prioritise the session that holds most value to you
  • Take your time to catch-up on each session, replay the bits you missed and relive the conversations from each day.



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