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AMPLIFY 2024 | The Masters at Work

AMPLIFY 2024 presented an unmissable opportunity to learn from industry titans. If you missed the two-day summit, then you can catch-up on all of the content by purchasing an On-Demand ticket.  Along with the panel sessions, we also invited experts to host a selection of MasterClasses. Let’s take a look at the learnings available to watch now from Adam Riemer’s MasterClass…

Understanding the new SEO Updates – A MasterClass for Affiliates and Affiliate Managers
Adam Riemer, (CEO, Adam Riemer Marketing) 

This Masterclass is designed for Affiliates and Publishers who want to get ahead of the recent EEAT changes and build better content that engages audiences with trust. It’s also perfect for Affiliate Managers to understand how to support their Content Partners better and learn what to look out for when assessing affiliate sites for their program.

Tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid for:

– Content Publishers

– Coupon and cashback sites

– Mass media

– Algorithms and theories including E-E-A-T, YMYL, Medic, HCU, and Reviews

– Best Practices

– A new schema opportunity

… and much more!

In his own words, Adam explains…

I met Lee-Ann last year after she read an article I wrote, and instantly loved her views, ideas, and thoughts about Affiliate Management. We don’t agree on everything, but she challenges the status quo and provides stages for people that don’t agree with what “status quo” means.

Fast forward a year later and she has me doing a mastermind about SEO for affiliate sites at her show this week. It is virtual so anyone can attend, and even though we don’t allow certain types of affiliates in our programs (per client requests), in the spirit of providing information and value to all attendees (not just ones clients work with), I’m really excited to embrace changes.

“It’s rare that a conference owner will break the mould and just say “this is likely not correct”, and that is one of the many reasons I have a lot of respect for her. So I hope you’ll join me, many speakers I’ve never heard of as well as couple I know, and celebrate Lee-Ann building a different type of affiliate marketing conference.

AMPLIFY Anywhere, Anytime

With your On-Demand Ticket, you have the freedom to catch up on all the captivating panel sessions and Masterclasses from AMPLIFY 2024 – from the comfort of your home or office. No need to worry about missing out, the power of AMPLIFY is now at your fingertips, for a limited time only.

Tailored Learning Experience: Dive deep into the topics that matter most to you. Whether you’re interested in emerging industry trends, personal development insights, or hearing some staggering statistics, our On-Demand Ticket allows you to customise your learning experience to suit your unique interests and goals. 

Catch-Up on AMPLIFY 2024

Always Be Learning

A key theme of AMPLIFY 2024 was the importance of education in our industry, so please do take advantage of these further opportunities:

ELEVATE 2024 – We eagerly look forward to welcoming you once again to our ELEVATE summit which will be our very first hybrid event taking place in London, in September 2024. So if you’re looking to get involved and be part of our next live event, do get in touch if you want to be tuned in to what’s happening next at Affiverse.

Join us  at the AMLEADERS workshop at PILive Miami on the 16th April – we have invited some of the best speakers in our industry to share their knowledge and help you level up your program performance in this half day in person “Chatham House” Style Rules workshop.
Book your ticket here.

Sign up for our new AMPP (Affiliate Program Performance Management) coaching program which launches in April 2024. Visit our website to find out more about this program and how your teams can benefit from 12 weeks of coaching to help you scale your affiliate program and partnerships too!  Discover more here.


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