Alberto Garzón tax intentions

Alberto Garzón reveals tax intentions

Spain’s Minister of Affairs, Alberto Garzón, has intentions to review the gambling tax regime currently employed within the country.

The review

The prospective review has been revealed in a recent press interview with Europa Press radio and serves as a warning for gambling providers currently operating in Spain. The Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs has been examining potential formulas to tax operators in the country. This will be a huge change for operators as the country aims to harmonise gambling rules and regulations.

Despite there being no definite proposal, its idea lies within the aim to make all gambling regulations unified. At the moment, gambling legislation varies between the different communities in Spain; however, a more unified legislative body hopes to ensure that the regulations are equally embedded within the gambling nature of each community.

The foundations

Intentions surrounding the tax review have not come out of nowhere. In late 2020, Spanish officials announced that more was going to be done about synchronising gambling standards across all 17 gambling communities. A new agency has been established to remain responsible for providing fairer and safer gambling regulations. As well as the various laws in place, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs will aim to give players autonomy over their gambling habits. For example, there are aims to create a country-wide self-exclusion scheme and a player registry.

It has become apparent that gambling is becoming a social responsibility in Spain. Alberto Garzón has noted that “Cities that have more gambling houses than green parks, the message that is passed on to people is the leisure of young people has to be done there and that is a starting problem that the pandemic exacerbates.”

Affiliates should stay aware of the current state of gambling regulations in Spain and remain vigilant about potential changes surrounding gambling tax and standards.

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