AI guidelines

AI guidelines published by Veikkaus

Finnish gambling operator Veikkaus has published new guidelines concerning its use of artificial intelligence. The brand, which has a monopoly over the Finnish markets, has published these AI guidelines for transparency and to fully explain how it intends to use these tools in the future.

At the moment, Veikkaus uses artificial intelligence to help with several operations in their brand. These include their customer service chatbot, monitoring and identifying patterns of possible gambling abuse, and aiding with the calculation of betting odds – to name a few.

Veikkaus has now committed to ensuring that all future usage of these tools is compliant with their new AI guidelines, particularly in regards to key issues like privacy and customer protection.

Using AI can flag questions about privacy, but the brand is determined to ensure that any data given to the software is properly encrypted and stored. All applications with AI will be frequently monitored to ensure that they comply with the established guidelines.

A spokesperson from Veikkaus said: “The ethical principles of Veikkaus’ artificial intelligence cover both machine-learning artificial intelligence that learns independently from data and rule-based artificial intelligence that enables automation.

“We strive to provide a responsible gaming environment by identifying and responding to anomalous customer behaviour.”

The key focus here will be using AI to better the experience of Veikkaus’ customers, all while using the tools in the most responsible manner possible.

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