AgeChecked offers solution for German Glüneurstv Regulations

A recent breakthrough in Germany has led to the latest GlüNeuRStV being approved by the German heads of state. This breakthrough has resulted in a compromise between states who want gambling to be more restricted and those who want the market to be open.

The new legislation in Germany will come into force in July 2021. In order to obtain a license, operators will be subject to stricter regulations concerning player protection. Leading age verification provider Leading age verification service provider AgeChecked is offering a solution for operators who want to retain their license and onboard players in the right way.

A transition period

Ahead of July 2021, there will be a transition period which will allow operators in Germany to adapt to the new regulations. During this period, which began on 15 October 2020, clarifications will be made on existing and forthcoming mandates including those on age verification.

During this period, GlüNeuRStV will be supervised by the 16 German Länder, with the Hessian Regional Council of Darmstadt currently responsible for overseeing licensed online sports betting providers.

However, it should be noted that the gambling industry must comply with the new laws as of 15 October 2020. There are some exceptions that will be deferred to 15 December.

Age verification in Germany

Since an investigation in 2019 highlighted the ease that minors could access gambling sites in Germany, age verification has been a hot topic. The tighter restrictions now require operators in Germany to demonstrate a robust age verification solution. If they can’t, they will be unable to obtain a license under the new regime.

Players in Germany are already subject to an extensive verification process as age verification forms a key part of KYC checks. Interestingly, from July 2021, players must submit their maiden name alongside other key details such as their first name, surname, address, place of birth and nationality.

AgeChecked solution for iGaming market in Germany

In order to help operators comply with the new regulations in Germany, leading age verification software provider AgeChecked has offered a solution. Their age verification technology can swiftly and accurately verify the age of players without any disruption to the experience.

During the onboarding process, AgeChecked can provide full KYC and bank checks to ensure players’ details are confirmed. The full monitoring service can assure that the player is adhering to the new regulations of only being able to use one bank account.

This solution will be welcomed by German operators who face a fine of up to €500,000 and the revocation of their license if they do not adhere to the regulations. Operators must continue to prioritize age verification checks in order to continue operating in Germany.

AgeChecked provides online age verification checks that ensure both gambling operators and affiliates are fully compliant. They offer a global solution that is optimised by geographic location and meets local regulatory requirements. This solution for Germany is just the latest product that AgeChecked has to offer customers within the iGaming industry.

As the transition period continues, operators and affiliates in Germany must ensure they are fully compliant and can prove that they are.


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