AG Communications and Genesis receive penalty fines from Spelinspektionen

AG Communications and Genesis have received fines from the Swedish Spelinspektionen, surrounding cases which see the gaming providers commit serious violations surrounding the one bonus per customer rule.

The law was passed by legislation on January 1, which stated that gambling companies with a Swedish license can only offer their customers one bonus at the first game opportunity.

Authorities have decided on measures against AG Communications Limited, with a note and penalty fee of SEK 500,000. While Genesis Global Limited are issuing notes and a penalty fee of SEK 1,700,000.

On May 16, the Gaming Inspectorate decided on two cases of serious violations on both AG Communications and Genesis, which resulted in warnings and penalties of SEK 5,000,000 and SEK 9,000,000, read more about the decision of the fines here.

The main purpose of the new gambling regulation is to strengthen consumer protection and reduce the negative effects of gambling. Limitations on bonuses are contained in the law to reduce social and economic damages and problem gambling.

According to the game law, an offer of more than one bonus is sufficient for the license holder to violate the bonus clause. However, the fact that licenses stated that they did not issue bonuses to the customers, does not mean that the bonus provision has been violated.

With AG Communications providing games on,, and an array of others, while Genesis provide on sites such as,, and, both the license holders pose a high risk from a gaming responsibility perspective since the offer itself has been able to attract players with problems to games.

As the Spelinspektionen had already had indications at the beginning of the year that some gaming companies did not comply with legislation, on February 19, the authority issued a letter, which the Gaming Inspectorate noted some compliance from the licenses, but assessment is that further measures must also be taken to achieve full compliance.

The Gaming Inspectorate will continue to focus on supervision of the area within the Swedish gambling industry.

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