AffPapa reveals partnership with NetBet Affiliates

AffPapa, a directory for iGaming affiliates and operators, has revealed they have recently partnered with NetBet Affiliates. This means that the NetBet Affiliates’ brand LivePartners will appear on the iGaming directory alongside their parent company.

Streamlining the process of forming a union

AffPapa is well known for being an exceptional affiliate team with an impressive knowledge of the online gambling, sports betting and poker industries. They also provide personalised feedback which is consistently updated for users.

The company aims to make it easier for iGaming affiliates to find a suitable partner by providing a high-quality database with advanced filters, streamlining the whole process of forming a union with fellow affiliates.

“LivePartners Brands are excited to partner up with AffPapa, one of the most interesting new directories of our industry,” said Christopher, the affiliate manager at LivePartners.

Connecting with all the affiliates out there

He added: “Their tools and filters look very interesting and user friendly, also the communication with AffPapa team is smooth thanks to Yeva that has offered amazing support. We are looking forward to connecting with all affiliates out there!”

The LivePartners brand is also bringing some excellent tools to the table, such as specialised monthly reports and immersive analysis. “I think of NetBet as a perfect addition to our operators’ list,” said Yeva Nrava, the head of commercial at the iGaming directory.

She continued: “AffPapa team looks forward to seeing our affiliates enjoying NetBet’s divers offers and is assured that it’s going to be a long and exciting journey for everyone.”

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