"Affiliates will be a huge part" of Brazilian gambling growth

Affiliates “will be a huge part” of the growth of Brazilian sports betting according to Marcos Oliveira, Head of Business Development at Clever Advertising Group.
Oliveira’s comments come as the South American powerhouse took another step towards legal and regulated sports betting, after the country’s Senate voted in favour of bill MP 846.
The bill is primarily focused on how revenue from Brazil’s national lottery, operated by the Ministry of Finance-controlled Caixa Econômica Federal, will be distributed among sport, culture and public safety. However, it also includes plans that will give the green light to regulated sports betting.
“The opening of the Brazil market is something that everyone has been anticipating,” Oliveira expanded. “And as a Portuguese company, we have a special relationship because of the language, and so the market will be the top emerging market after regulation.
“For affiliates, Brazil will be the market for 2019 with such a huge country divided by states. We will see national and state online operators investing a lot in marketing, and affiliates will be a huge part of this growth.”
Marc Frank Pedersen, Director of Business Development at Better Collective, was similarly hopeful that Brazil could become a lucrative market for affiliates sooner rather than later: “Brazil is a very interesting market based on a variety of factors, such as its population size, their embedded love for sport in their culture, and their movement into the digital space.
“As regulation and compliance is a priority for us, we are keeping a close eye on how Brazilian legislation develops in order to inform our strategy there.”
That said, online operators’ gross revenue will be limited to just 8%, with 89% of the handle going to bettors and the remaining 3% taken by the government. These financial limitations may leave little room for affiliates.

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