Why affiliates shouldn't discount video

Video is one of the most effective elements there is when it comes to digital marketing strategies – but one that can be underused by affiliates.  With 78% of people watching online videos each week – and 55% of people watching online videos each day – it’s not something you can ignore in your affiliate marketing strategy.

What channel?

When people think videos, they tend to think of YouTube.  This site is the 2nd largest search engine after Google (who let’s face it would be hard to beat), and users watch over 1 billion hours of video every day on YouTube.  There are other channels that video is best placed, such as Twitch , Facebook , Instagram or Vimeo each of these platforms has a following. This gives you an idea of how prominent this medium is.  The trick is understanding how to build your content strategy to target these users on the right channels for your site.
As an affiliate, it would be remiss of you to not tap into that traffic.  With video – you can grow your audience worldwide which is definitely something to consider if you are developing your portal to accommodate other geolocations.  It also has the added benefit of helping you get found on Google. You are automatically increasing the authority of your website by utilising video as part of your content marketing strategy.

How to use video to increase website authority

You want loads of relevant traffic and you can do that by increasing your authority.  Some tips for when you have your YouTube channel live are:
 Get other websites to embed your videos on their portals.  Each time this happens, it is effectively a vote for your video.  The more people who embed it, the more likely it will rank well on Google.
• Make sure your own domain is associated with the YouTube channel, and this is accessible on your affiliate portal.  This means that there will be more relevant results pointing to your business.
• Make sure your videos are shared on social media platforms.  Social media can be an influencing factor when it comes to Google’s rankings.  If you create quality videos that are enticing people to share on social media – this is a good signal to Google.
  Add different options for your user to consume the data.  For example, adding captions so that people can read the text as well as watch the video is a great idea.  It also means if they are travelling without headphones – they can watch the video.  
YouTube has recently closed down a lot of streamed channels. You will need to consider the rules and regulations on each platform but you can still use the medium of video to drive traffic.  As you would with written text, make sure that the video content you are pushing out is useful and relevant and is covered by the advertising codes of compliance to avoid being taken down.  
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