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Affiverse rebrands to Affiverse

Due to continued growth as a leading affiliate marketing agency, media, events & training company affiliate marketing powerhouse Affiverse has announced a rebrand of the business to encompass their global services offered to: Affiverse. 

The bold move is a symbol of their continued growth now encompassing a wider global presence in the affiliate + performance marketing industry offering a holistic service to brands, networks, agencies and suppliers as an authority in affiliate marketing through its Agency services (OPM), Media (Website and Podcast Advertising) and Training + Events (AMPP*, Amplify & Elevate Virtual Summits). 

The company now covers affiliate marketing growth and development across a range of industry niches from iGaming to eCommerce and SaaS and has become a highly regarded and leading go-to source for information relating to affiliate marketing and program management tactics. 

Lee-Ann Johnstone, CEO and Founder of Affiverse said:

“We felt it was time to represent the growth of our business and make clear what we do and who we serve through the three core principles of our service offering. Our new brand Affiverse reflects who we are and where we’re heading as our Media platform reaches more than 850,000 unique impressions a month via our web, podcast and extended social reach as our community keeps growing! 

Our award-winning Agency (OPM) offers a variety of program management support and helps brands launch, scale and grow their affiliate programs. 

Our Training and Events connect brands to publishers, agencies and martech suppliers to new business leads and affiliate managers to understand how they can grow their affiliate programs successfully. 

In short – we serve affiliates and affiliate marketers across all industry sectors and throughout the entire partnership economy as we move forward to Web3.0.” 

The rebranding of the company and the clarity of services it provides is an exciting part of their new growth journey and is a symbol of the evolution of its growth as an agency, media partner and training business. 

The Affiverse mission is simple: to help the world do affiliate marketing better, through education, enlightenment and the sharing of information to help support the growth of affiliate and performance marketing. 

The world of affiliate marketing is exciting, fast-paced, and innovative – and Affiverse will help share that experience with industry professionals, chapter and verse, across the globe. 


About Affiverse

Affiverse is an affiliate marketing company founded by industry veteran Lee-Ann Johnstone who has over 20 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry. With a global representation in the UK, Canada, South Africa, Chile and Europe, Affiverse serves to connect those working in the affiliate marketing industry to launch, scale and grow successful affiliate programs, learn the latest trends and tactics and connect to suppliers and service providers that support incremental business growth. 

Founded in 2019 (as Affiverse ), in a short time they have established themselves as leaders in their field collecting numerous awards and accolades including Best Digital Agency by IGB Affiliate and was voted one of the Top Digital Agencies by The Drum in 2021. 

Now offering both a Media Proposition for businesses to advertise their affiliate programs, technologies and services and offering a unique Affiliate Manager Training program coupled with Global Virtual Events, Affiverse provides a place for affiliates and affiliate managers to learn, share, grow and keep learning best practices and new digital trends in Affiliate and Performance Marketing. 

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