Affiverse nominated for two industry awards

Affiverse has been shortlisted for two industry awards that will be announced later this month. These are prestigious achievements and it’s fantastic to see our agency nominated. Affiverse is nominated for Marketing Agency of the Year in the AGS Awards, and Online Gaming Media of the Year in the Europe Gaming Awards.

The AGS Awards

The Affiliate Grand Slam Awards gala is one of the best nights in the digital marketing sector. These awards celebrate the leaders and innovators who have helped to shape the industry and cause a significant impact. In celebrating these steps forward, the AGS Awards are able to shine a spotlight on some of the most interesting projects and companies who are working in the Digital Marketing and Affiliate sector.

Some of the awards available include:

  • Advertising Platform of the Year
  • Industry Rising Star of the Year
  • Lead Generation Tool of the Year
  • And many more!


Affiverse is nominated for Marketing Agency of the Year. This is awarded in recognition of marketing agencies who are able to create multi-layered campaigns with unique and engaging content, all of which will help to aid the pursuit of an ultimate objective. Attention to detail and drive are but two of the metrics that are judged here.

You can vote for Affiverse in the AGS Awards here. Votes count for 30% of the winner’s final count. The other 70% is determined by the votes of the judges. The judges for the 2021 AGS Awards are from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. They are experts in the world of Digital Marketing and Affiliates, and will no doubt look closely at the criteria to ensure that the right winner is selected.

The awards will be announced on the 18th of November.

The Europe Gaming Awards

Right alongside the AGS Awards comes SiGMA’s Europe Gaming Awards. They are also designed to bring attention to some of the most innovative projects in the past year of iGaming, and to celebrate the achievements of and reward some of the individuals who have made significant contributions to the sector.

In addition to handing out the awards, the event will also feature an art auction. The proceeds from this auction will go to the SiGMA Foundation, and will be used across several charitable endeavours.

Some of the categories include:

  • Online Casino Provider of the Year
  • Unique Selling Point of the Year
  • Sportsbook Affiliate of the Year
  • And many more!


Affiverse is nominated for Online Gaming Media of the Year. This award is given to companies that help to create an ideal customer experience with content-rich websites and the highest quality of information, technology, marketing, and advertising.

As with the AGS Awards, 30% of the winner’s score will come from public voting. You can vote for Affiverse here. The other 70% will come from the judges, another panel of experts and industry leaders who know the iGaming industry inside and out.

The winners will be announced on the 15th of November.

Stay tuned to find out the winners!

Both of these awards will be announced in grand fashion later in the month, so check back to find out who the big winners are!

It is fantastic recognition for Affiverse to be nominated for two awards from these prestigious industry experts. We had a few questions for Affiverse founder and CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone, about these nominations.

What does it mean to be nominated for these awards?

“Being nominated for industry awards, by your peers and industry colleagues, helps establish our brand as a market-leading agency – which is something Affiverse’s team have worked incredibly hard to build and establish this past year. We value our client and peer relationships and being recognised for the strategy and work we do really helps us embed the ethos behind the agency services we offer and why we do things the way we do. It’s always a pleasure to be told you’re a winner, but nominations such as these help to keep us grounded, to keep doing better and to keep striving to offer our clients best in class service and support to build successful affiliate programs online.”

How does Affiverse benefit from being nominated for awards and recognitions such as these?

“Industry Awards are a great way to promote your individuality as a business and also as a market-leading agency supplier. The surrounding PR we obtain from being nominated in these kinds of events helps keep us present in the mind’s eye of future clients, affiliate partners and also attracts new talent into our growing industry. It’s vitally important that we use the opportunity to develop and grow peer to peer relationships and be responsible to curate more collaborative partnerships for us and our clients to benefit from – together.”

What do you look for when judging awards?

“I think companies need to prove success with demonstrable case studies and examples – detailing what they do and how they do it differently to others, for example at Affiverse we have a unique approach to program planning, which leads to the success we can accomplish. We have our own unique way of planning, researching and strategizing our client business objectives which lead to actual results. As a nominee in several awards this year we put a lot of effort into detailing why what we do – works and I think that goes a long way for judges who take the time to review and base decisions on evidence provided.”

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