Affiverse Amplify Summit

Affiverse Amplify Summit Recap – Amplifying Your SEO & Link Building Strategy

The Affiverse Amplify Summit saw some of the industry’s most famous faces come together to share expert advice, guidance, and knowledge on everything affiliate marketing.

As the first day got underway on January 17th, Amplifying Your SEO & Link Building Strategy, which was sponsored by Affiverse, aimed to demystify the complex digital channel of SEO as a whole host of experts took to the stage to deliver helpful insights on how to rank competitively in such a cut-throat industry.

Our founder and CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone, moderated this panel. The industry leaders sharing their thoughts on the day were:

  • Rishi Lakhani, Founder at FastFwd
  • Judith Lewis, Founder at Decabbit Consulting
  • Martin Calvert, Marketing Director at ICS-digital


In just an hour, they were able to cover a wide range of topics relating to both SEO and link building and ensured attendees were left with a well-rounded solution to the age-old question of how to master the art of curating content that ranks highly and, perhaps more importantly, converts. But what were the main takeaway points?

The importance of link building  

It may be a complex and time-intensive process, but our panel of experts believe that link building must still be prioritised during the affiliate marketing process.

Judith, for example, endorsed link building but stressed the importance of adopting a fresh approach by trying something new as opposed to playing it too safe and relying on the old style.

Rishi, on the other hand, agreed that whilst link building works extremely well throughout a wide range of industries and sectors, it must be backed up by the correct strategy. It may have been enough to depend on link building alone in the past but in today’s increasingly digital landscape, a little extra support is needed.

Martin believed that link building is the best way to discover websites by boosting brand awareness and visibility but that the process tends to enjoy greater success in certain countries compared to others.

As you can tell, link building should remain a fundamental priority when it comes to your affiliate marketing strategy. It may have been enough to rely on link building alone in the past but by ensuring you have enough information to support and back your decision, it can thrust your affiliate marketing strategy to new heights.

The impact of affiliate marketing on link building

Our panel of experts also agreed that your affiliate marketing program can have a substantial impact on how successful your link building efforts are.

Judith agreed that whilst brands should boost affiliates for short-term visibility across social media, this should only be under limited circumstances.

Rishi was of the belief that affiliates are an extremely beneficial component of the entire affiliate marketing process as brands can sometimes be restricted by keywords whilst affiliates are unobstructed by greater freedom which they can tap into to help the company grow and develop.

Martin also agreed that they can be useful but added that it is important to remain clear and concise when it comes to price management and the kind of working relationship that is acceptable beforehand.

Amplifying – what key areas should you focus on?

So, now that you have familiarised yourself with everything you could ever want or need to know, what key areas should you focus on going forward?

Judith believed looking at the competitive landscape and how your competitors are ranking should provide you with the boost you need to adjust your strategy as necessary and grow and develop as a brand.

Rishi recommended micro-optimisation to open up the search console and uncover what keywords companies are not ranking for before proceeding to optimise these pages continuously.

Martin shared a similar view by highlighting the importance of analysing your content and making any necessary changes to improve the placement of your content.

What next?

These were just some of the most important points raised during the second panel of the Affiverse Amplify Summit. They gave attendees an insight into what it takes to master the art of SEO and link building as well as expert tips and tricks to boost their existing affiliate marketing efforts.

Are you interested in taking control of your affiliate marketing program and improving your impact on the affiliate marketing world? If the answer is yes, don’t forget to register for the Affiverse Elevate Summit that is scheduled to take place this June!

In the meantime, watch our video from the Amplifying Your SEO & Link Building Strategy panel to ensure you are clued up on everything our panel of experts discussed on the day.



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