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Betsson Group Affiliates

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Affiliate Program

Geos: Visit us to see the regions we serve HERE

Contact: [email protected] 

Betsson Group has more than 50 years’ experience of gambling. To us, offering gaming in a responsible and controlled way is fundamental. It’s the only way to run a business with happy, healthy customers who enjoy our products, decade after decade.


Betsson Group Affiliates manages the affiliate marketing for 15 incredibly successful gaming brands. Our multi-region & multi-brand offering give affiliate partners unrivalled flexibility to promote what works best for them. We provide a huge variety of advertising tools and in-depth traffic statistics, and our sites and tools are available in 20+ languages, allowing our affiliates to segment/target markets and increase conversions.


We keep affiliates updated regularly with industry developments, payment methods, legal issues, new promotions, etc. Our security and integrity in dealing with players and affiliates is second to none.


For more information please visit us Betsson Group Affiliates

Visit us to see the regions we serve HERE

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