Affiliate Spotlight: Zigmas Pekarskas, SmartCasinoGuide

In today’s Affiliate Spotlight, we catch up Zigmas Perkarskas – Founder of Last month, we spoke to Zigmas about his other project –

Zigmas discusses some of the changes SmartCasinoGuide faced as a result of COVID-19 and touches on big changes in the casino market below.

Affiverse:  Last month we featured your site – you’ve also been active in the casino industry and built a strong presence in global markets. What are some of the things you’ve seen change since COVID-19 hit and how has this impacted your casino earnings as an affiliate of iGaming?

Zigmas Pekarskas: “We saw a big jump of registrations and first time depositing players. But the average value per player decreased. It showed for us that at the beginning of the pandemic a lot of new players were looking for fun in casino games, but more to spend little money and little time, not for the big game, for the big gamble as regular casino players do.”

“Also, we faced some necessary fast decisions because some markets went not only for real lockdown but also closed the gambling sector in total. But now everything is already back on track.”

AI: How do you think the casino market will change in the year ahead? What do customers really want, and how will you be providing a better engagement for them with your site?

ZP: “If some restrictions still will be in place at the beginning of 2021, or even longer, I think it will be a big changer for all online business. It will increase its value; business acquisition multiplayer can increase times.”

“But, competition online also will increase, as more brick and mortar casinos turn focus to online. This will increase bids for media, increase SEO budgets etc.”

AI: What are the 3 biggest things you’ve seen change in the casino market over the past 3 years?

ZP: “Pay&Play innovation by Trustly, it was such a dramatical change in user verification and conversion. We hope we will see this in the future in more and more markets and all gambling products.”

“UK regulation – In some good ways in some bad, but seems the first country in the world, which want to regulate all aspects of online gambling. We see the UK as the first country in the front line, and year after year, other countries will take the exact steps as the UK do.”

“PokerStars acquisition of SkyBet and merge with Betfair group. We saw how the gambling giant was formed and how bad it is for affiliate business.”

AI: What one piece of advice would you give to affiliate managers reading this article in terms of getting their brand up on your site to form a working relationship?

ZP: “Look at the affiliate site as the equal partner and have a good communication channel. A lot of brands are losing positions on our sites because they are delaying some answers or necessary information.”

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