Affiliate Spotlight: Zigmas Pekarskas,

In today’s Affiliate Spotlight, we speak to Zigmas Pekarskas – Founder of His website compares bookmakers from across the globe, while also providing betting tips to sports fans. 

Zigmas discusses the idea behind the project, as well as what he has learned from the iGaming industry over the past five years. 

That’s enough of us talking – let’s hand him the mic! 

Affiverse: Tell us a bit about your business and why you decided to start

Zigmas Pekarskas: “I started it four years ago with the main idea to collect every betting company in one place.

“The first idea was to write honest reviews about the world’s betting operators. And I mean all of them; even if there is a small betting company in Poland with just two live betting points, I wanted to test them and also write an honest review.”

AI: What have you learned in your journey providing betting information?

ZP: “I found it nearly impossible to write about every betting company because it’s such a dynamic market. Operators change their names, while others go bankrupt. Marketing regulation also changes daily, so it’s impossible to have accurate information all the time when you take this approach. 

“We changed the main focus. Now we try to write about all betting companies that work with cryptocurrency, as we see cryptocurrency betting as the future.” 

AI: Where do you think the best markets are right now for new player acquisition?

ZP: “Markets where you are an expert; you need to create extra value for the customer. So find their pain areas and solve these.

“We also see significant growth in the value of Asian customers.”

AI: How do you see affiliate marketing changing in the future? 

ZP: “I think it will become more and more regulated. You will need to have some licence, especially for gambling affiliates. 

“Affiliates will also become more transparent, especially in Europe.”

AI: What are the five biggest things that you have learned over the past five years of working in this industry? 

ZP: “Number one: The value of your team: It is f****ing hard to find the right people, teach them and keep motivated. 

“Number two: Always to check all stats and partners. Errors come daily. Affiliate managers don’t care about it if you don’t care.

“Number three: That business idea is simple, but it doesn’t mean that it will be an easy job.”


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