Affiliate Spotlight: – All bookmakers in one place is an affiliate site that compares the most popular betting sites on the web. They look at a variety of factors including bonuses and available markets to ensure players find the right site to use.

We recently spoke with the team at to find out how they operate and how 2020 has affected their affiliate business. Read what they had to say below

AffiliateINSDER: What can bookmakers expect to see when they are onboarded by Do you have any examples of success In short, a bookmaker can expect only quality traffic from us.

Let’s look at the profile of our customer. It’s someone who is shopping on the web for the right bookmaker. It’s someone who needs advice as to which operator to sign up with. For example, one customer is looking for a bookmaker with high integrity standards. Another is simply looking for a bookie that is licensed and operates in his or her country. The third may be looking for a bookmaker who supports their language and currency of choice. We seek to provide answers to each of these potential visitors.

The customer who goes to a bookmaker based on information gained from knows what they are signing up for, hence they make an informed decision based on their own preferences and are more likely to further engage. The value of such customers is much higher than those who simply stumble across a platform, or who arrive by way of marketing and advertisements.

AI: What sets apart from other affiliates in the sports betting industry that bookmakers can also choose from?

W: We have the highest integrity standards, and our reviews are completely unbiased. A team of professionals who understand the industry and have dozens of years of combined work experience in the space focus on providing the highest possible value to potential customers. This is as opposed to just directing customers to bookmakers who pay for the traffic.

That’s the strategy that pays in the long run, because a customer who has made a more informed decision is a more valuable customer for the bookie.

Aesthetics and user experience are very important for us. We provide a suite of unique tools such as a bookmaker comparison function that allows the user to visualize multiple bookmakers in a comparison chart and select the best one based on their own preferences.

Another unique feature is the bookmaker recommender tool, which suggests a bookie based on the customer’s chosen preferences. This is the perfect tool for users who don’t have the time to dive into the reviews for each individual bookmaker.

AI: How did you face the challenges that the pandemic brought, such as events being cancelled?

W: Our main offices are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but most of our team was working remotely even before the pandemic. We have employees all around the world, including in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Malta, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Pakistan, Armenia, and the Philippines.

We also are heavily focusing on esports. The beauty of the esports industry is that it’s very versatile.  Most live events simply went online and are still happening.  Because of this, esports has been able to fill the gap left without many live events. Many operators have thus shifted their focus to esports. is a part of the WIN group, which owns and operates multiple esports properties including news portal and competitive league Winners League. We have deep knowledge and a native understanding of the space, and we provide valuable content to users who are interested in esports betting.

AI: In what way do you think will grow and expand over the next year?

W: Our slogan is, “all the bookmakers in one place.” We want to become a premier digital location for users to find valuable betting content. Within the next year, we anticipate having reviews prepared for the vast majority of operators all across all the world.

We have been approved for licensing in New Jersey, which will open us up to business in the United States. Our next state will be West Virginia. In 12 months, we will be licensed in all the available US jurisdictions and across Europe. During this time, we will also launch our tipster prediction service that is based on artificial intelligence.

AI: Do you have plans to move into any new markets or territories in 2021?

At we focus on bringing the best bookmakers to everyone, regardless of the market. We have already been officially approved in NJ and we plan to expand our presence in the US by acquiring licenses in all states that require them for an affiliate, while also strongly focusing on other American, European, Asian, and Australian markets. Our goal is to be accessible and to promote operations across the globe.

AI:  Do you have any predictions for what 2021 might look like for the sports betting industry?

W: We think that esports as a subsection of sports will only become bigger and more profitable, and that’s why we are putting so much emphasis on it.


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