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Affiliate Spotlight: Teamwork Content seeks to grow iGaming industry through localised content services

Words by Nemanja Lazarevic, Founder of Teamwork 

You don’t need me to tell you that the iGaming industry is huge these days. And you probably don’t need me to tell you that so many people are creating content now. 

But there’s a difference between just creating content, and creating work that engages your target audience. Teamwork Content strives to do the latter in a quirky, entertaining way. 

Our writing and marketing company has been in business since 2011. We have become genuine experts within iGaming content and translations, having long ago decided to specialise in this particular industry. 

Main specialties

Our primary area of expertise is creating localised casino content, but we’re by no means limited to just that. Happy clients have enjoyed the benefits of working with us in other verticals, too. These include live dealer, sports betting, esports, crypto, bingo and poker.

Teamwork is also renowned for creating and translating content in over 25 languages, for multiple companies within the industry – German, Spanish and Japanese being just a handful of examples. This sits alongside an all-inclusive package, in which we do the research and metadata, produce images, write the actual content, and then some. 

We don’t *just* specialise in localised content creation; it’s something we genuinely believe in. You won’t get far by offering the same content to visitors from over 100 different countries. This is why we pride ourselves on providing high-quality online gaming content, with each translated language coming through our network of vetted native writers. Each team member has an abundance of iGaming experience.  

Believe it or not, a couple of years ago we were only producing work in English. While we had plenty of clients to keep us busy at this time, we chose to invest our time and resources in expanding our network of languages. That has proven to be an excellent business decision. We went through thousands of freelancers and tested them all to not only ensure that they can produce high-quality content and translations in the mother tongue – but also have significant knowledge about the online casino industry. Doing that helped Teamwork to meet the high standards it has set from day one. 

Adapting to the changing online world 

Since Google’s algorithms keep getting smarter, we also use advanced SEO tactics and a proper strategy to keep you ahead. We combine this with engaging content, sensible use of both main and LSI keywords and custom imagery to make your website stand out and climb to the top of search engine rankings.

What also separates us from the competition is that our key personnel had first created content for – and then managed – a number of high-profile casino and sports betting websites. and are just a couple of those. This gave Teamwork a head start and ensured we knew exactly what our clients wanted, many of whom have been with us for 4-5 years now. It’s the high client retention rate that we are very proud of and we have no doubts the trend is set to continue. 

We have so far worked with over 100 gambling affiliates and a dozen operators, powering over 1,000 websites in total. But we remain equally-committed to every single client, because each is just as important to us as one another. 

Teamwork does a lot more than just content and translations these days. There’s plenty of information on our website, should you wish to discover these. And if you ever need us to elaborate, you can give us a shout. 

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