Affiliate Spotlight: Serge Vardanyan, Founder & CEO of WIN

WIN is an esports company founded by esports enthusiasts. They offer three main products, with the first being This is an esports media platform, where it features editorial content, along with a database with thousands of player and team entries, along with live scores and schedules that allow users to track the latest competitions in real time.

The second product is WINNERS League, this is a competitive league structure which is based on the FACEIT platform. Thirdly, the last main product which is offered by WIN is a sports book entitled This has been built from the ground up, where it has been tailored specifically for esports and its native audience.

Affiverse, caught up with Serge Vardanyan, the founder and CEO of WIN, in our new season of the Affiliate Spotlight instalment. During the interview we got all the need-to-know information about his platforms, and why they are so relevant in today’s esports betting market.

Affiverse: How did you start your business, and what was the lightbulb moment which made you put your idea into fruition?

Serge: “The passion of the esports audience is really what drew us to the industry. Seeing how much enthusiasm exists in the marketplace, we knew we wanted to be a part of the market’s growth.

“When you see stadiums and arenas being filled, and top players being featured on television and accruing massive followings, you immediately understand how big the space already is. And it’s still very early in its development.

“The early developmental stage was another draw. We strongly believe that we can contribute to the continued development of esports, and that’s what we’re here to do. We’re very fortunate in that we work with a dedicated group of investors who share our goals and vision with us.”

Affiverse: What are your thoughts on the current esports industry, and how do you think it’s going to progress as the market regulates?

Serge: “As will be the case with any new or emerging industry, there are peaks and valleys as the market ebbs, flows, and self-corrects.

“The numbers speak for themselves. There’s tremendous potential in this space which is still only just being tapped into. The companies and investors that understand what makes esports work, and that understand its audience, those are the ones who will have success. We fully intend to be among those successes.”

Affiverse: Do you think the esports market will continue to grow in popularity with the more traditional sports bettors?

Serge: “Esports, and more broadly gaming, are growing every day. There is something of a generation gap with many older consumers, and in this case more specifically with bettors. But as esports continues to expand, and as its audience continues to grow, the market will only expand.”We believe it’s important to stake out a strong presence in the space now, so that we can be a part of that expansion and growth for many years to come.”

Affiverse: What is it about your site that you believe tackles a real gap in the market? What makes your site different?

Serge: “We’re all about catering directly to the esports audience. is built around the idea of delivering to this audience all of the information that they want and need, whether that’s the latest news, match results, in-depth statistics, or more that we’ll be offering in 2020, including proprietary analytics and rankings that will enable our users to have an edge over other bettors.

“Everything that we do is built from scratch specifically for esports users. This has been the case since our first day of operation, and it shows in our products.”

Affiverse: How do you expect WIN to progress and evolve? Do you have any new plans as we head into the new year?

Serge:”As mentioned, one of our first big initiatives in 2020 will be the launching of our new proprietary analytics and rankings systems. “These are being developed entirely in-house and will allow bettors to understand odds and match projections in ways never before seen in the space. And that’s not something we say lightly.

“We’ll have much more to come beyond that we can’t yet speak as specifically about, but we’re also always updating and developing our UI/UX. We want our users to have as clean and easy a time navigating and using our products as is possible.

“That’s a process that is always ongoing as we constantly evaluate our own work and continue to iterate on it.”

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