Affiliate Spotlight: Link Data Media Q+A

A strong knowledge of SEO is key when it comes to managing an affiliate website. We recently spoke with George, the Founder of Link Data Media an affiliate entrepreneur, about SEO and affiliate marketing and how he’s experienced the changes of working in this channel running his business remotely during the pandemic and what he sees as an opportunity for better collaboration with brands ahead. Learn more about Link Data Media and GamblersConnect below.

Affiverse: How did the idea for Link Data Media come around?

George: “For a long time I had the idea to form such an Affiliate & SEO Marketing Agency, given my 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry. But my idea was not just to provide services like SEO content, email marketing, and affiliate marketing but simply to offer our customers our products also. A logical first choice was to start with our main website: given the growth and high demand we’d witnessed around the growth of online casinos. From there I’m happy to say that we can already offer our partners a second product to expand their promotions to within the fast-growing crypto industry with our newest product:

Affiverse: What kind of challenges do you face as an affiliate in 2021?

George: “The iGaming business is constantly changing. With the appearance of the Covid Pandemic, in 2020 and now continuing disruptions in 2021, we’re seeing a huge increase in online activities as customers spend more time behind screens. With social distancing and not attending live sporting events, players have switched to 100% online.  One of the biggest challenges this and next year will be to add value to big large-scale companies. My opinion is that operators should start working more closely with mid-size casino affiliates by providing better deals and special promotions for their niche visitors. With more collaborating, we will promote their products across the customer awareness journey more and more and we will have at least a slightly better chance to compete to bring quality customers to their doors. As a new affiliate, we tend to not enter into agreements with as many operators as we can, instead, we entertain partnerships with operators that promise us joint cooperation and growth vs bartering with large scale companies.”

Affiverse: What sets GamblersConnect apart from other similar affiliate sites?

George: “When creating GamblersConnect, our idea was to create a site that would offer very simple and clear filtering of online casinos with honest reviews about them as written by our SEO team.

My view is that in today’s world of affiliates, we have too many sites where maybe 90% where a huge number of operators are always offered, new brands of online casinos with no visibility and easy filtering, overcrowding of ads and too much text, but the visitor will soon leave the site because he simply cannot find the necessary information at the start of their visit. You can also notice on our site that the colours  GEO’s sections for online casinos, casino reviews, licensing and the whole menu are so simply arranged that anyone who wants to engage for the first time or to find out some information can do so very easily. We want our customers to have a great user experience”

Affiverse: What can operators expect when they are onboarded by GamblersConnect?

George: “Our team will expect to work closely with their Account Manager at the operator end to build unique reviews for their brand,  promotions and will require constantly updated news. Our bonus section and promotion of new slots and slot tournaments will be prominent so that that they are easily organized. We always offer timely updates and update reviews if there is a change in the details of their company by our SEO team.  Our team will always strive to give  partners our best service for that partnership to be profitable for both of us.”

Affiverse: How do you keep traffic coming to your site in such a competitive market?

George: “We will continue with the same quality work you have already seen from our technical team and our SEO and content writing team will support independent and clean review processes to ensure our customers have the best and most up to date information at their fingertips.

We may have chosen maybe the longest way to get unique visitors to our portals, but I think the only and best way to find the right customers is to play the long game that SEO represents and deliver a great commitment to partners and our visitor’s needs.”

Affiverse: How do you plan to expand/grow your business over the next 5 years?

George: “In a very short time we expect to introduce a new part of our existing site. This section will refer to the Complaints Page, where I think every serious affiliate who works for players must have enabled. With this part, we will try to help the players if they have a problem with a certain operator in terms of payment, document verification and any other misunderstanding. Of course, this will also help the operators to show themselves in a good light and encourage them to be better and better. We also expect to introduce a section for Mobile Online Casinos very soon, given the growing percentage of mobile games that are played and we need to continue to move with the times to engage our audiences where they are most comfortable.

In terms of bigger plans, I would not like to reveal much but I think they will be quite innovative with the team we have behind this brand so wait and see what happens next! ”

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