Affiliate Spotlight: Jonas Molander, SlotCatalog

For much of the industry’s history, slots have been a key part of gambling. So, when more online operators emerged, it’s unsurprising that this offline favourite went digital. 

The sheer number of slot games on the market can make it tough for players to choose one. Step forward SlotCatalog, a data-driven affiliate site which is tackling this problem. 

In this edition of Affiliate Spotlight, we speak to Jonas Molander – Head of SEO.

Jonas shares why he thinks that SlotCatalog is unique, plus the importance of data and maximising user experience. 

And without further ado, let’s get things started. 

Affiverse: What is particularly special about your data-driven approach?

Jonas Molander: “SlotCatalog and our rankings are unique because they provide unbiased recommendations to players from different countries and cultures. It advises them on the games they should play, from which game providers and where they should do so. 

“It’s simply based on the popularity of games and game providers in their countries. The recommendations are not listings that get outdated either, as they’re updated daily!” 

Affiverse: How do you feel that this approach helps SlotCatalog to stand out?

JM: “On SlotCatalog, players can discover so many things that are simply not available anywhere else.  

“Our base of a data-driven approach and core products also help us to build new, unique services. For example, in November last year we launched a Hot & Cold section where our visitors can see real time data over spins on Play N Go, from some different casinos. 

“The service lets users see the latest big wins and if a specific game has run above or below expected RTP. One part of this new feature is just for fun, but it could also be used to see if a game is running at a custom RTP setting.”

AI: Tell us how you settled on your mission of ‘What to play? & Where to play?’?

JM: “Okay, let’s start with the question of what to play. With the growing number of releases and game providers, it has become harder for players to find their fits. More games mean less time per game, and we don’t want players to waste their time on something which won’t give them the most enjoyment.

“With that being said, the thought process of how this question should be answered was rather simple. We think that most casino operators do a good job finding out the quality games that fit their players from different regions. So, why not aggregate their picks into an index? Simple market theory!

“To fully help players in their quest for an enjoyable time, we should also tell them where to play the game or games that they want to play. The first focus here is displaying them fully-licensed casinos according to the regulations in their region. 

“Another aspect is if there is a bonus with bonus spins on the specific game they want to play. The popularity of the casino in their region is also a good indicator as to whether or not the casino is reputable. The list goes on and there’s several factors that weigh in here.”

AI: How have your new ranking sections been received by your players? What are the best-performing ones at the moment? 

JM: “The new game sections and filters have been well-received by both players and other people in the industry. This is clear when looking at page view increases, which is up by about 25% since launch.

“The best performing game section is still our classic all-time ranking, where players can find the most popular casino games in their region – based on data from the same day they’re browsing. The new filters also let them set preferences and filter out games, depending on what they’re looking for.

“Looking at the new sections, all have had their share of activity. But ‘Slots of the Month’ is clearly a new favourite. It’s unsurprising that players want to know which new releases are popular, because there are so many these days. It’s also clear that many visitors want to play the demo game first, to find out if they should play this or try the next one on the list.” 

AI: How do you ensure that your bonuses and so on are as insightful as possible for players?

JM: “It’s crucial to us that the bonuses we show contain all information the player needs to make his or her selection. This includes bonus offer details, wagering requirements and other terms & conditions.

“Bonus offers are shown and customised by geolocation. With that being said, we only display offers available through SlotCatalog. We also ensure that these casinos have proper licences if the market is strictly regulated, the link works and information in our listing corresponds to the offer on the landing page that they might visit.”

AI: You’ve started collecting data on slots, with customisable RTP levels. Could you explain how you think this will benefit players?

JM: “Since the start of SlotCatalog, we’ve gathered data regarding games’ RTP. We’ve always felt that it’s important to educate players and keep them informed about what they play today.

“Today, with the growing trend of games with customisable RTP levels or RTP ranges, this has received more focus. Before, all you did as a punter was look up a slot to see if the payback felt razonable. But now, when many games are licensed at different RTP levels, it’s tricker for players. 

“We don’t think that these customisable levels are bad, per se. They enable operators to go about their business in more varying ways. 

“However, we do feel that good transparency between the operator and player about these settings is important. Players should, if they like, be able to easily stay informed about the conditions they are playing at.

“That’s why we recently put an attention box on all our slot pages for games with customisable RTP. Then, users know if they should look for any RTP disclaimer in the fine print or reach out to their casinos support to ask what setting a certain game is playing at.”

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