Affiliate Spotlight: Daniel Shannon, Rovert Media

Affiliate Spotlight shines a light on various affiliates and sites from around the world. This time we spoke with Daniel Shannon, the CCO of Rovert Media. 

Having transitioned from a bingo affiliate to owning a white label casino, Daniel explained to Affiverse the reasons behind why Rovert Media decided to go down this route.

Affiverse: Can you tell us a bit about Rovert Media, and how you guys started out in the affiliate business?

Rovert Media is an white label operator and also an affiliate in the marketplace. This year is our 10th year in the affiliate and white label market. We are a family run company, which operates from Daresbury in Cheshire. Over the past 10 years we have transitioned from bingo affiliate to becoming a white label casino owner.      

Affiverse: Why did you go down the route of moving from affiliate to operator?

When we started as a bingo affiliate back in 2005, the market was fresh and new. As time went on, we started seeing operators begin to offer white label sites. In 2013, we decided to move to the operator side of things with Dazzle Casino on Progress play. The reasons behind this was simply because we could get a bigger slice of the pie in terms of revenue. 

As affiliates, it was our job to market sites in such a way that would drive traffic to the operators in order for us to earn our commission. We treat our white label site the same, we have in-depth content across all our sites and I think it stands strong against even the biggest players in the field. 

Affiverse: What sites do you own and manage right now? Was there a strategy behind the launch of these sites or have you stuck to a niche to specialise and grow your business organically?

We have a wide range of site across affiliate to operator, on the affiliate side of things, including Mobile Bingo Sites, Live Dealers and Mobile Blackjack

The strategy with the affiliate sites was, and still is to target niche markets in the industry. We have had for over 5 years, which aim to target the bingo industry. Live dealers and mobile blackjack look to target the table side of the market, giving players the best live casino deals from across the most trusted and safe operators on the market.

And as operator we have Mobile Slots, Dazzle Casino, Glimmer Casino, Quartz Casino, Mobile Millions and Pocket VegasAnd our brand new Jumpman Site.

With the operator side of things, we carefully looked at our marketing strategy before we launched all of the above sites. We didn’t want to exclusively focus upon one or two particular traffic sources, we wanted to make sure the domains could rank well across a number of big keywords in the marketplace. 

The other factors that we looked at is the name and design of the site. You can have the best domain in the world, but if the players don’t like the look of your site, they will hit that back button. 

Affiverse: What do you think the future of affiliate marketing looks like?

It’s a hard one to predict to be honest. The UK market has been getting more and more difficult over the past three years or so. I can see more people moving into the German and Swedish markets, plus the USA market is one to keep your eye on. We have seen the bingo affiliate market come back alive in the past six months, which can only be a good thing for the gaming industry.

Affiverse: As a UK-based affiliate where do you see opportunities for growth in the coming year? 

This year, we are aiming to really crack on and make a dent in the UK slot market with our brand new site Jumpman. As it is our first Jumpman site, we are hoping that combining our 10 plus years of marketing experience, alongside new games and offers, we can give our UK players the very best slots experience. With our other white label casino sites,we are aiming to keep building solid foundations in the German market. 

To sum it up, we are ultimately making it our mission to guide people to a better online casino experience. 

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