Affiliate satisfaction – why you need to monitor it

Managing an affiliate program gives you a lot of hats that you should wear. In addition to ensuring that the program is achieving a good level of sales and engagement, you need to ensure that the affiliates within it are satisfied with the product you are offering overall. Though it might not be highest on your list of priorities, affiliate satisfaction should be something that you monitor closely.

Happy affiliates = healthy program

You can have a great level of conversion with a high level of sales from multiple channels, but that does not mean anything if interest then tails off once your affiliates are onboarded.

It is important to always remember that your program might not be the only one that they use. Many affiliates will assess their involvement in various programs, just as you would assess different aspects of your own business. Therefore, there is a chance that they might drop out of your program if they feel that it does not meet their needs and expectations as an affiliate partner.

You need to make sure that you are delivering a high-quality program that satisfies affiliates no matter what stage they are at in their journey with you. Maintaining long and high-quality relationships with your affiliates will be a key factor in delivering a successful program and a good level of affiliate satisfaction.

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Are you collecting feedback from your affiliates? Whether you are sending out a quick questionnaire to them or tacking on a chance for them to feedback at the end of a check-in session, you need to make sure that you are listening to anything that they might have to say.

Feedback is an important metric in trying to identify some of the weaker parts of your program. As the manager, it might be more difficult for you to spot these weak connections – but they will be there. By taking on notes from your affiliates, you can identify the aspects of your program that could use improvement while also raising affiliate satisfaction by making them into valued contributors.

Improving brand reputation

Maintaining a high level of affiliate satisfaction could be key for not just maintaining your relationship with existing affiliates but also for attracting new ones. Potential affiliates will want to choose programs that make them feel valued and part of the brand.

They will look at many different factors when deciding if they want to choose a program, and one will always be how you treat your existing affiliates. If your current affiliates feel like they are satisfied and would happily recommend your program, you know that you are on the right track.

Many affiliate managers put all of their efforts into attracting new affiliates to their programs but they do not put the same level of care into maintaining their relationship with long-term affiliates. Change this up, and take steps to improve your affiliate satisfaction today. It can make a real difference to your brand’s engagement and reputation.

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