Affiliate Review: Compliance and technology

Affiliate Review looks back on what has been a tumultuous year for affiliates. Firstly, we ask two compliance experts to give their take on affiliate compliance in 2018, and how the industry has been affected by technological advancements.

Ian Sims, founder and Managing Director, Rightlander

2019 started with a lot of affiliates receiving mixed messages from operators, largely down to a lack of clarity from the authorities in what exactly ‘affiliate compliance’ entailed. During the year, the picture became clearer and issues such as removing expired bonuses and including significant offer terms have become de facto requirements.

Affiliates have come to realise that not remaining compliant will see them dropped by operators in regulated territories, while the arrival of online compliance scanning tools such as Rightlander are now helping both affiliates and operators to overcome the issues far faster and more accurately than manual assessment could ever achieve.

Roo Wright, founder,

While there have been significant advances in the availability of technology in 2018, many operators in the igaming space cannot quickly implement these technologies.  In regards to compliance, many brands have opted to reduce affiliate numbers to make managing them a less painful proposition.

While this approach is an excellent short-term solution, the reality is that if operators wish to grow their brand via their affiliate channel, technology will be at the forefront of making this happen.

Find out Ian and Roo’s thoughts and predictions for the coming year in tomorrow’s Affiliate Forecast.

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