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Affiliate onboarding webinar: recap

Last week, Lee-Ann sat down with Head of Customer Success Leigh Simons from the quiz funnel marketing company ScoreApp for a special affiliate onboarding webinar.

The two discussed why onboarding is so important for affiliate managers and outlined some key strategies for onboarding optimisation. We’ve recapped some of the essential points below and have included a link to an excellent free onboarding asset.

Why is onboarding so important?

Onboarding, whether that be affiliates joining a new program or employees joining a new company, is a crucial process that can define the future trajectory and health of that relationship.

Successful onboarding is all about the first-touch experience. The initial connection between managers and affiliate clients should be a positive one that should educate and provide insight and incentive.

In doing so, partners will be more engaged and more productive, which will see better results in the long term.

The stats back this up; research conducted by Zippia revealed that positive onboarding processes can see employee retention rates increase by 82% and boost productivity by 70%.

What should an onboarding program look like?

If you want to see true success as an affiliate manager, implementing a successful onboarding program is critical. What should such a program look like? We’ve outlined some of the key attributes that all effective onboarding programs need to have.

The first and most important thing your onboarding program needs to do is to clearly define your business’s goals and objectives. This will give new partners an understanding of what is expected of them and an idea of how the relationship will progress in the future.

You will also need to give partners access to all relevant marketing materials and resources, with explanations as to how they can be used in their campaigns.

Training is an essential part of an onboarding program. New affiliates must be guided through the process of tracking links and monitoring performance. You will also need to outline commission structures and payment procedures.

Finally, it’s vital that you establish your brand guidelines and that your new partners are aware of your strategic goals, this will ensure everyone is on the same page as you move forward.

Onboarding programs should be flexible and dynamic. By personalising your approach for different partners, you will be able to deliver a positive first-touch experience and get your affiliates earning within their first month.


One of the most effective onboarding optimisation strategies you can implement is the use of scorecards.

Scorecards can be issued at the first point of contact, such as when an affiliate applies for your program. They can contain a range of different questions that you can use to glean invaluable information about your new partners, which can then be used to inform your management strategy.

Scorecards aren’t just to help you as a manager, they are also incredibly effective at ensuring the onboarding process is smooth and efficient at partner level. They can be used to deliver information and inform new affiliates about key business processes, making their transition smoother and less stressful.

Free onboarding template

To help you optimise your onboarding process and maximise results, Affiverse has collaborated with ScoreApp to create a unique scorecard template. This template is fully customisable and can be changed to fit your company branding and image.

After applying for your program, the template will ask affiliates a series of questions designed to evaluate their readiness and potential. After answering the questions, affiliates will be given a percentage score that indicates how they might perform as part of your program.

You can use this score to assess which affiliates need a more hands-on management approach and which can self-manage and work in a more independent capacity. This is key data that can help you streamline your business and ensure you are getting the most out of your partners.

The best part about this scorecard template is that it’s absolutely free! Follow this link to sign up and access the template to optimise your onboarding strategy.

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