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How to Launch a Successful Affiliate Program and More!

As the host of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Affiverse Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone is no stranger to a mic. Last week, it was Lee-Ann’s turn to appear as a Special Guest on an episode of OfferVault’s The Affiliate Marketing Show – ‘How to Launch a Successful Affiliate Program & More!’

Hosted by Josh Sebo (COO of OfferVault), Adam Young (CEO of Ringba), and industry legend Harrison Gevirtz, Lee-Ann joined the team to discuss topics, including:

  • How to launch a successful affiliate program for your business
  • How to find affiliates and make them love you
  • The evolution of the merchant program now
  • Consent and Privacy 101
  • The biggest myths about affiliate marketing
  • Common problems affiliate managers face


You can watch the episode here…


Affiliate Marketing – The Biggest Myths

Don’t miss Lee-Ann talking about some of the biggest myths in affiliate marketing, where she explains: 

Myth Number 1: “‘I’m going to build an affiliate program and I’m going to be rich because everybody’s going to want to join my affiliate program’ – that doesn’t happen! If you build it, they will come methodology just doesn’t work in affiliate marketing because it is so competitive. What’s your plan for what you’re going to do after you launch that program? The launch is just the first step.” 

Myth Number 2: “‘Affiliate is filled with fraud’ – so is paid advertising, as is SEO, clickbait… fraud is everywhere on the internet. You need to be savvy to it and you need to be strategically working to weed those partners out because there are loopholes in affiliate marketing.That’s why you need an expert to actually navigate through that. People that have felt the burn and who know what to expect, know how things can be circumnavigated. It’s important that you know you have the right people backing you when you come into the space.”

Myth Number 3: “‘It’s easy to run an affiliate program’ – it really isn’t easy to run an affiliate program and it does take a lot of skill. It does mean finding resources that can build those relationships because it isn’t fast, either. It’s not easy and it’s not fast building solid relationships with other humans. It takes time and some of the businesses that you work with will be huge corporations and big media companies, but a lot of the affiliates that you’re working with are small entrepreneurs  – who may have 5-10 people and some contractors that they’re hiring. It takes a lot of patience. Things may not work. Part of the fun of working is that you are going to have to be comfortable with failing and the risk elements.”


ELEVATE London 2024 | Where Lead Generation and Performance Marketing Will Collide

The Affiverse ELEVATE Summit will be held in partnership with Lead Generation World and Maverrik.io in London on the 16-17 September. Lee-Ann explains more about who this event is for:

“As far as I can tell, performance marketers know how to work with affiliates but they don’t know how to do lead generation. With cookies deprecating, especially the smaller merchants and advertisers who only rely on things like paid Facebook ads etc to drive traffic to their website, they’re going to have to level up and learn pretty fast in order to adapt their marketing strategies. 

“What we’re trying to do is bring everybody together in London in September to actually start talking about all of these things and to help these smaller merchants very clearly understand the impact. We see it all over the news – Google’s going to deprecate cookies in 2025, but nobody really understands what that means and what the knock-on effect is going to be. 

“What we’re trying to do on this side is just educate people and make sure that they are aware of how their marketing might need to change and what other channels and partners and platforms they might need to start implementing in order to continue to scale.”

Prepare for the future and invest in your growth. Get Your ELEVATE Ticket at the EARLY BIRD Price until May 31!


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