Affiliate Forecast: Compliance and technology

Affiliate Forecast looks ahead to what 2019 holds for the affiliate space. We invite Ian and Roo to talk about how compliance and technology will change throughout the year.
Ian Sims, founder and Managing Director, Rightlander
In the UK I expect to see the ICO start to take more action against affiliates directly, as they have previously intimated, while the UKGC are likely to become stricter now that the dust has settled and the 31st October unofficial ‘grace period’ deadline has passed.
With Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA also issuing guidance, I’d expect that lessons learned from the UK’s approach will be adopted – in some cases with stricter rules. For example, licensed operators are now forbidden for accepting affiliates who promote or have recently promoted unlicensed operators in the USA.
Roo Wright, founder,
In 2019, technology uptake will be a lot faster, with new choices available to help brands comply with the ever-increasing complexities and differences between jurisdictions. A  realisation that WWW stands for World Wide Web – meaning that operators need to be compliant for every jurisdiction rather than labelling an affiliate as a UK specific affiliate as their content is accessible globally – will play a significant factor in 2019, with regards to pushing operators to take up newly available GEO monitoring technology.

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