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Ad buyers report ongoing problems with Meta ads manager

Meta has been through the wringer in recent months. Plummeting revenues have led to thousands of job losses, while just this week the tech giant was fined a record $1.3 billion for data misuse. Now, ad buyers are reporting ongoing problems with Meta ads manager. 

Unfortunately, these problems with Meta ads manager are nothing new. Last month, an error in Meta’s advertising system resulted in a huge overspend on a number of accounts.

According to some Meta ad buyers, their CMPs had skyrocketed by as much as 500% in just a 24-hour period, while performance metrics remained unchanged. Many marketers reported that this inadvertent spending had sent them well over budget. 

Digital businesses rely on Meta for advertising and promotion, so an error like this was incredibly serious and will have damaged the relationship between Meta and ad buyers. The company acted quickly, assuring brands that the issue had been addressed and rectified. 

However, it would appear that problems with Meta ads manager haven’t gone away. As social media tech expert David Herrmann explained on Twitter, issues have been ongoing for the past month, with Meta support staff seemingly clueless as to the cause of the problems and unable to offer advice for affected users. 

HubSpot expert Chris Strom also detailed on Twitter that the problems with Meta were so severe that he has started running Google advertisements for clients instead. 

What this clearly indicates is that the Meta ad problems are far from over. The company needs to get a handle on the situation quickly to mitigate the damage and salvage its reputation. 

In other news, The Washington Post has reported that Meta employees are concerned that the company’s significant downsizing in recent months could impact user safety.

More layoffs are expected to take place this week, with staff citing concerns that a depleted workforce could make it more difficult to tackle misinformation and harmful content posted across Meta’s various social platforms. 

The Facebook and Instagram parent has come under fire in recent years for failing to properly safeguard users, and it seems this issue is likely to go unaddressed as the company continues to strip back its workforce in an attempt to revive floundering revenue.  

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