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A Year in Review : Kingbet Media shares thoughts on the year ahead

2020 has been a historic year for humanity. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact, communicate, travel and work. At Kingbet Media, we’ve seen the biggest conferences around the world being held virtually, with a totally different feel and way of interacting. It has been sad, to not see our clients and partners, but it was also inevitable. 

Our office and HQ, a building somewhere in Athens that used to house dozens of enthusiastic colleagues who were all working for our common goal, now stands almost empty while we exchange tasks and opinions over skype, slack and the rest of the remote working tools that are now , the new norm. 

While this perfect storm still rages on, we have compiled a review this year that is passing and share insights on how Kingbet’s team will seek to build a solid affiliate strategy for the next.

Kingbet Media Highs and Lows from 2020

2020 has been both bitter and sweet for us, both in terms of business development and our emotions as part of this organisation. First and foremost, we’ve gone through a major loss. One of the 3 founders of our organisation passed away recently, leaving a terrible and unfillable gap amongst us. 

Kostas Dimakis was a recognisable figure in the Greek iGaming community and helped shape the future of it by establishing websites and most importantly, the Kingbet media newspaper that still dominates the market today. He was our day to day leader in the office and his loss is something we will never get over. We try to compensate for this loss with hard work, team effort and constant communication between team members of various departments. He lives on through our continued efforts.

Hard to believe, but 2020 had some really good moments as well!, our Greek flagship product, was awarded as the best non-english affiliate website in February, during the IGB Awards held in London. 

IGB Affiliate Awards

We also got nominated by the SBS awards and the EGR for categories like Most innovative Affiliate and Best Sports Affiliate. We are really proud to see our efforts taking shape. 3 years ago we were a local powerhouse, the best Affiliate in Greek market and now we have grown to be among the international pioneers of this industry. 

We now operate all our products in English, geo targeting all the major gambling markets and we are also developing websites in native content for specially interesting geo’s.


Affiliate Marketing Outlook for 2021

Now the path is paved for us. We have developed team clusters with hands-on all-around attitudes that are chasing both excellence and innovation. We will keep hiring in order to strengthen our position in more foreign markets. The iGaming industry shows no signs of slowing and neither will we as we look to grow our product offering and service our clients with the best content and delivery we can muster. 

We are preparing the German and English version of and we believe that we can watch these new sites gain the same success as their Greek predecessor! In order to achieve this, we will be investing in hiring more native speakers and locals that know their markets better than anyone and will team up with us and help reach our common goals!

Innovating our business and service approach

Our approach has always been towards innovation and therefore we never believed that the carrot and stick method worked for such products. When the ‘product-market fit’ is your everyday’s main duty and concern, then you need to make sure that everyone is involved and dedicated to this goal. The only way to achieve this, is through the Autonomy-Mastery-Purpose framework that breeds new leaders and achieves a natural business flow.


The way we do business this year will reflect our desire to pivot from doing what we’ve always done. Covid may have helped us to see that and leapfrog our competitors to make positive change.  We also believe that new features will come from video streaming media and influencer services in general, because iGaming is way behind in terms of applications that the player can use to garner information, insight and value driven offerings. 

Tracking will change – we need to change with it!

The Cookie apocalypse is also coming and we are waiting to see how the industry will respond. This could be a great opportunity for the affiliates and skyrocket their value! As for Greece, we are more than optimistic! New operators will slowly be coming into the market and this means new opportunities for us to grow and develop our relationships and products alongside the regulatory changes. 

With that , we’ll also be offering special exposures. If anyone is interested in talking to us about entering the Greek market and making the best of what this geo has to offer, please reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help!

Together we can #THRIVE

More than anything, we really wish that the industry continues to thrive, that all of us enjoy happy moments with our family and friends and colleagues and of course, that we finally meet again in a real, live and kicking conference this year!


Words written by:  Giannis Koutivas. This is promoted content produced by an advertiser of Affiverse. This is a paid-for content is supplied by Kingbet Media. Affiverse allows affiliates, operators, agencies and SaaS providers to share their news, opinion and insights with Affiverse’s audience both online and via our newsletters. To advertise with us – contact: [email protected] 

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