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A guide to Reddit ads

Founded in 2005, Reddit is currently one of the most popular social channels available online. While it might not carry the same industry weight and gravitas of social media titans like Facebook and Instagram, it is still a massively popular platform, with around 1.7 billion visits to the website reported in May 2022.

This means that Reddit serves as an attractive prospect for brands and marketers. With its unique structure made up of dedicated communities, accessing key demographics is even easier. However, Reddit users respond to advertisements differently from users of other platforms, so running a marketing campaign on the platform requires a slightly different approach. We’ve put together a guide on the best ways to make the most of Reddit ads. Check it out below.

The benefits of advertising on Reddit

Running an ad campaign on Reddit offers a number of advantages when compared to other social media platforms. The website is made up of millions of dedicated communities, or subreddits, each dedicated to a particular topic. This can make it far easier for brands to identify and target particular demographics, with entire communities already existing and ready to be accessed.

Reddit users are highly engaged, especially when compared to users on other social channels. Reddit users spend an average of 34 minutes per day on the platform, while the user base is made up primarily of young people with a broad range of interests.

What’s more, Reddit ads cost less than ads on other platforms. This can allow you to see potentially far greater returns on your investment.

Types of Reddit ads

Reddit offers different advertising options for marketers to choose from, each with its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

Promoted posts act in a very similar way to regular posts on Reddit, appearing on users’ feeds as a clickable link. However, they are set apart from non-ad posts by the inclusion of a ‘Sponsored’ label.

Promoted posts can come in text form. When a user clicks one of these ads, they will be taken to another Reddit page where advertisers can include text-based information about their product, services, or company.

Promoted posts can also be link ads. These are simpler advertisements where, after clicking the link, users will be taken straight to your business website or an external product page.

Reddit also offers brands the chance to use display or banner posts. These are larger and more noticeable ads that can appear at the top of pages, featuring extensive company branding or product images. However, display posts do come with a higher price tag than promoted posts.

Focus on Copy

At its core, Reddit is a heavily text-based platform. Users enjoy reading and are more likely to read longer copy and posts than users of other platforms. This can be used to your advantage, focus on creating interesting, engaging copy for your ads. Use storytelling and narrative tropes to draw readers in and encourage them to continue reading and check out your brand.

Reddit can be seen as something of an insular community with lots of in-jokes and meta references. You should strive to incorporate this into your ad strategy. Making references to Reddit humor or history will endear you to other users and reassure them that you are part of the community, not some infiltrating business only looking to make money.

Research is key here, take the time to learn how the platform works and how users interact, this will allow you to create ads that fit in perfectly and don’t seem out of place or invasive.

Offer Value

Subreddit communities on the platform are self-policed by users of the platform. They can be fiercely protective of these communities, with any external interference regarded with suspicion and often hostility. Unrelated brands or advertisers who jump straight in can face heavy backlash, which can work to damage brand reputation.

First, make sure that the community you are targeting is relevant to your business or product. Targeting unrelated demographics won’t just prove to be an unsuccessful campaign but could actually cause long-term harm to your company.

Offer value with your advertisements. This doesn’t necessarily need to be financial value, although that certainly is an option. Reddit users love learning, if you can provide them with insider knowledge on a particular brand or service in a friendly, accessible way then they are far more likely to react positively to your advertisements.


While the platform is somewhat different from other social media channels, Reddit is still a viable option for brands looking to advertise online. However, its unique functionality means that you should take the time to learn how the platform works to see the best results from your campaign.

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