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5 Ways for Managers to Keep their Finger on the Affiliate Marketing Pulse

Affiverse aims to be the epicentre of the affiliate marketing industry, where you can easily keep your finger on the affiliate marketing pulse by getting as much information on the hottest trends and biggest insights in the industry. However, gathering those trends and insights comes from lots of different sources, and it’s hard to find a bulk of useful information on the affiliate marketing industry. Where can you, as an aspiring affiliate manager, keep your finger on the affiliate marketing pulse? Well, the first idea would be to keep checking in at Affiverse, where we aim to deliver the latest and greatest insights, but we’ve got a list of other options because we don’t gatekeep sources:

Follow relevant publications

We kick this off with an obvious one: keep reading Affiverse. Additionally, there are a lot of other publications that you can follow to keep up-to-date. These are good for the more managerial aspect of affiliate marketing and allow you to know what the latest tech updates are, how best to manage people, what strategies to impose, etc.

A good place to start is to look at the affiliate partners you already have. If they are in the industry, offering software, programs, management, etc. they might have a business blog where they detail what they are learning in real time. An example would be, which has a range of guides and case studies covering affiliate marketing, e-commerce, mobile marketing and more.


Once you’ve exhausted your online sources, you might want to go about it the old-fashioned way: hit up your local library with a notebook.

If you’re a beginner there is a list of books that might help you out, like the obligatory “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” by Ted Sudol and Paul Mladjenovic, or “From Nothing” by Ian Pribyl. For those who are trying to keep up with the trends, you might want to try “New Marketing Playbook” by Ritchie Mehta.

Listen to the right podcasts

Of course, we have the Affiliate Marketing Podcast featuring interviews with the biggest peers in the industry and conversations about markets around the world, but there are other podcasts you can listen to. Rarely do they focus solely on affiliate marketing, but it’s good to expand your marketing knowledge for use in affiliate marketing, to stay on top of trends. Some options include the Marketing Over Coffee podcast or the Blogging Millionaire.

Visit events

There is no better insight than the one you get straight from the source. If you go to industry events to get your insider knowledge, not only will you get it, but hopefully you will make a connection that will benefit you or your business in the future.

Be online

The final way to keep yourself aware of what’s trending is the easiest one: just be online. Scrolling is what our customers are doing, so scrolling is what we should be doing to make sure we know what the users are seeing and gauge what they are responding to.

It’s also the best way to get ideas. You are likely to see an innovative marketing campaign online since even a marketing gimmick confined to one space is going to be posted online for maximum impact. It doesn’t even have to be that outlandish. Is there a new genre of content going viral, or a new tactic you can use? You’ll know by scrolling.

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