Robert Wegert, Novibet UK: The unique approach to an affiliate programme

As a key sponsor at this year’s AffiliateFEST event, we caught up with Robert Wegert Novibet‘s UK Affiliate manager to see why they are invested in growing their affiliate programme and what delegates should be looking out for at this innovative sports betting brand.
Robert, thanks for joining us, tell us a bit about your past experience and how you came to work with Novibet 
RW: After having worked in the industry for already 3 years with another established brand, I found the prospect of starting with a fairly new brand like Novibet very exciting and challenging. Hoping to put my skills to good use, as well as learning new skills that will come about when starting with this new project.
Novibet is a daily new sports betting and casino brand, can you share a bit more detail about your specific USP’s so delegates can get to know the brand a bit better ahead of the event?
RW: Our key USP is our own platform that give us the flexibility to create content quickly and adjust to our customers/partners needs. Over the World Cup we launched Bet Royale, this was a ‘last man standing’ contest which turned out to be a great success. On the Casino side of things we are ever trying to add more and more games. In the upcoming months our layout will receive a big overhaul which should increase the speed, design and flexibility even more on our own platform. We also have plans to expand to other regulated markets in the next couple of months.
What makes your affiliate programme really stand out? Why should UK affiliates be promoting Novibet today.
RW: Our people really make this affiliate programme unique. We are always trying to meet our partners needs and provide them with the best possible experience. Novibet, is a brand that is just entering the UK market and should be appealing to UK affiliates as a new promising player offering a varied set of USP to their customers.
As an affiliate manager in the UK, what are the biggest challenges you face and how do you see the industry changing in the next 12 months
RW: I think we are all still coming down from the recent GDPR changes I am looking to see how we can make this change work positively in our favour. I can see the regulations become even more strict when it comes to advertising online and I’m interested in understanding how others see this impacting our space too.
What’s the best piece of Marketing advice you can give to affiliates who are starting out in the UK market? 
RW: Care about your content, it will help you going down the line!
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