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3 ways you can boost your lead generation via social media

As we are slightly limited as to how we can market ourselves at conferences and events these days, it has forced us all to think about other mediums we can use to get our message out there.  This is where social media comes into play.  Here are some ways in which you can use social media to boost your lead generation.

Utilise the Video Functionality to Satisfy Algorithms

Most social media channels have made it very clear that they favour video over any other kind of content.  That’s why it’s critical that you try and use video innovatively as part of your social media strategy.

You could create animated explainer videos to showcase the main benefits of your affiliate programs, or you could even do live Q&A’s giving people the opportunity to address any queries they may have about your offering.

You can stream webinars too, so you could even arrange to collaborate with some of your satisfied partners and discuss the benefits of the program, and their positive experience with it.

Explore Different Social Media Channels

We can be all too guilty of sticking to LinkedIn to generate leads, but in actual fact if your product is also targeting a younger demographic, other social media channels can be incredibly effective.

Facebook and YouTube are the obvious ones for streaming – however bear in mind there is lots of reach to be gained on lesser-known platforms such as Twitch.  This can be especially effective if you are promoting an eSports product.  You can even look to them for influencer outreach.

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into just one social media channel, experiment on others and be innovative in your content.  When you cover the necessary channels for your program, and push valuable content, this will help you gain valuable leads.

Post Content Regularly

One of the biggest mistake’s businesses make when it comes to their social media strategy is that there isn’t consistent posting.

What we have learned from the pandemic is that people are being more selective when it comes to the company they work with.  Posting content regularly will make it much more likely that you will appear on your connections News Feeds and reach a wider audience to generate new leads.

There are also some scheduling tools that you can make use of to ensure it goes out at specific times.

If you are looking to grow your social media networks and make them work more effectively for you – try these tips.

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