3 top tips for negotiating great affiliate deals at LAC2019

In the lead up to London Affiliate Conference we’ve been canvasing a variety of expert affiliates and affiliate marketing leaders,  to understand exactly how affiliates can negotiate the best commercials whilst at these events.
Often they are noisy , over crowded and that can sometimes prove difficult for you to get your pitch across and seal the best deal for your affiliate site. Here are some of our top affiliate tips to help you come to the conference prepared and ready to network like a professional.

  1. Always come prepared,  saves time

Affiliate managers will be tasked with meeting as many new affiliates as possible at these events. Their time will be precious (as is yours). So make sure you come prepared, with your data, with your pitch (under 2 minutes) and with a clear objective of what you want this meeting to achieve. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to negotiate a positive outcome.
Experienced Affiliate , and now Managing Director of Tonybet , Viktorija Antanavičiūtė offered her key tips below. Sometimes having an industry perspective and inside understanding of your opponents objective can help you get results a lot quicker.

2) Be Polite

You have a clear idea of what you want for your site, and an affiliate manager has a clear idea of what their budget allocation is for the period and what they need to achieve for their targets. Finding the middle ground is often going to be hard. Negotiation is a key part of affiliate management and being polite whilst transparent about your opportunity and where it could enhance the operator brand can help you win a closer outcome. Using numbers to illustrate how you can deliver value is one way to do this. Being courteous, professional and polite helps too. Nobody likes an aggressive sales approach – it doesn’t help you foster trust and if you come on too strong, it can also make affiliate managers doubt your authenticity for delivery

3) Pay attention

Your body language speaks , even before you do.
Pay attention to the person you are talking to and be conscious of the time they are giving you in that moment. Use it wisely. If you aren’t there to make a deal, focus on building a relationship and getting to know your affiliate manager a bit better. You never know when you might need to reach out and call them in a time of urgent need. Making the time to get to know your account manager is key to building personal relationships.  Relationships matter in this industry and attending events is a key part of building them in real life.  Don’t be distracted by the noise and atmosphere, focus on delivering your message, leaving an impression and then follow up after the event to seal the deal.
These 3 tips should help you get closer to your affiliate managers and this will ultimately help you get ahead with negotiating great commercial deals. If you are at the conference and want to meet Viktorija and her Affiliate team, Tonybet’s stand is on A14. 
If you want to come over to our stand and meet the team behind Affiverse, find out how we can help your affiliate business grow, pop by our stand, we’ll be on E28 and are looking forward to meeting all of you.

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