3 Tips to monetise your social reach

Social media is one of the most effective channels for marketing a business, especially an affiliate one. Over time, it is possible to build an audience and expand your reach, gaining customers at the same time. However, for many people, having an engaged audience doesn’t always lead to sales – especially for those in the iGaming and sports betting industry.

The good news is that you can monetise your social reach easily enough, as long as you follow some of our tips and tricks. Here’s what you need to do…

Use the right links

One of the hardest parts about monetising your social reach and driving sales is that it can be difficult to get people to leave social media. If they are already on Facebook and are scrolling down their newsfeed, they might not want to click a link and go to your website. So, you need to make sure that you are making it worth their while.

Don’t just link to your homepage – send them directly to the URLs that you want them to visit. If they have to do too much work when they get to your site, they aren’t going to stick around, and this can affect your bounce rate. Think carefully about your link strategy and don’t forget – the CTA matters!

Show them what they are missing

While creating engaging content and building your follower base on social media can be useful for your brand, it needs to convert into sales and traffic. So, you need to be able to show your followers what they are missing by not paying your website a visit. Do you have some great success stories from other players who have played through your site and won a lot of money?

Show your followers what they are missing by including testimonials. Demonstrate the games and offers in a simple and cohesive way. Don’t overcomplicate things and you’ll thank yourself in the long-run. Show them that your site is worth visiting and the monetisation will follow.

Measure your content

Finally, if you want to monetise your social reach and turn those followers into sales, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. With the help of both social media analytics and website analytics, you can measure which posts performed the best and which didn’t result in any clicks. This information can be extremely valuable when it comes to planning your content strategy. If there is a particular kind of post that tends to drive traffic to your website and result in conversions, this is the kind of content you need to focus on. With careful monitoring, you can really make a difference.

Try these tips…

You may have built a large following on social media but if you aren’t converting these followers into sales then you need to look at your strategy a bit closer. Create relevant content that is engaging and pushes followers towards your site. With the right CTAs and links taking them directly to where they need to go, you can start earning more money through your social channel this year.

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