1account: Would you reward affiliate partners for verified traffic?

Affiliate marketing plays a pivotal role when it comes to driving traffic to gaming operators’ websites. But, we all know focusing on quality over quantity tends to lead to better business results. What about verified traffic? Would you give an affiliate partner offers above the size of your standard offer if their traffic was pre-KYC’ed and free from bonus abusers?

Industry research 

This was a hot topic on a recent LinkedIn thread that garnered much attention from industry leaders. The vast majority of respondents would reward affiliate partners for verified traffic – a staggering 80% when the poll closed. This is a clear indication of how much added value verified leads represent for operators.

Tackling bonus abusers 

Bonus abuse can take many different formats. From the punters creating various fake accounts to access sign-up offers to individuals seeking casinos offering no deposit bonuses, with the sole aim of cashing in.

These offers are often a key element when it comes to gambling operators marketing and affiliate activities – and for good reason – as they bring in many new and valuable customers. As bonus abuse often relies on multiple fake accounts, the best way to tackle this issue is by attracting verified players from the get-go.

Verifying users is the quickest way to tackle bonus abusers

That’s where 1account’s registered userbase comes in. When we verify a customer on one site, a user ID is created for the information collected and stored, and a ‘compliance scope’ is assigned. This means if the same customer visits another site using our system, we already have their information on file and can quickly and securely verify them as legitimate players before they access gambling sites.

Many of our data sources are also exclusive to the 1account platform including Mobile Network KYC and CitizenCard. This means we are able to quickly and easily verify players, to ensure you are attracting fully compliant, quality leads.

In addition, our solution is free, easy to integrate and simple for end users meaning it won’t eat into affiliate costs or revenue.

Shifts in affiliate regulation 

2021 marks a general shift in regulation and affiliates are likely to be under the spotlight, facing closer scrutiny than ever before from regulators around the world. AML compliance is top of the agenda in many European markets including Germany and the Netherlands. This needs to be a key consideration for affiliates who are likely to bear the brunt of this and will be expected to up their game to meet industry standards.

Verification checks will lead the way in terms of offering peace of mind to both operators and affiliates alike.

Supporting the affiliate industry 

We have relationships with operators too, so we can support both parties in the gaming ecosystem and our cross-vertical expertise makes us the ideal partner to bring compliance tools and tips to the gaming industry.

1account recently partnered with leading slots-oriented affiliate SlotsCalendar, integrating our age verification technology into their platform. The site is now fully compliant and provides a seamless age verification process that guides players through the required steps in just a matter of clicks, which in turn streamlines onboarding and therefore increases conversions. Find out more about our work with them here.

Get started with 1account at no cost! 

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