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1account: Free to play games are back in business

Caroline Steele, Senior Client Director for Gaming at 1account, says that the latest technologies allow affiliates to offer free to play games to age-verified players 

Back in July 2019, the Gambling Commission took the decision to require operators and affiliates to age verify players before allowing them to access free to play games. The rule was brought in under the LCCP Social Responsibility Code Provision 1.1.2, which states that free to play games cannot be accessed by children and those under the age of 18.

The decision had a seismic impact on affiliates that used free to play games as a way of engaging players and ultimately driving them to the operator brands they were partnered with. The reason for introducing the rule is perfectly understandable but nonetheless, it dealt a hammer blow to affiliates that had built their sites around free to play games.

As such, some affiliates tried to devise and develop their own age verification gateways so that they could continue to offer free to play games to their users. But these have proved to be ineffective and damaging to the user experience. Worse, they have done little to inspire confidence in operators who do not want to put their licenses at risk.

A professional solution is available

The good news is that there is now a professional solution available to affiliates that allows them to offer free to play games to age verified players.

This is offered through First Look Games’ Game Demo Server, which uses our powerful age and ID verification technology to accurately approve or reject players trying to access demo games. In the event of successful verification, the player is able to access the free to play games on the affiliate’s site. If they are not approved, they are able to watch a video of the game instead.

Game developers that want to offer free to play games via affiliates simply partner with, and integrate their games into, the First Look Games server.

Affiliates, provided they’re registered with First Look Games, then simply pull a link code from the Demo Game Server for each game and implement it on their websites. It is simple to set up and means affiliates can once again use free to play games to engage players.

Meeting UKGC regulations

We see this as a major breakthrough for affiliates and especially those that had previously leveraged the marketing power of free to play games. They can now do this again while being confident that they are meeting the rules set by the UKGC and, most importantly, that players are being properly protected.

So yes, free to play games are very much back in business for regulated markets. Get started for free with 1account or First Look Games today.

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