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Wrapping up another season of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast

Sadly, it’s the last episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast for this season. We will be back to discuss further insights into the affiliate marketing industry, but in the meantime, we’re looking back over this series to revisit some of the most interesting insights and the guests behind them.

Listen here to find out more about topics such as AI and ChatGPT, Word of Mouth Marketing, the African affiliate market, and more.

Marketing strategies

A lot of different marketing strategies were discussed throughout the podcast season. Everything from Word of Mouth to communities was on the table as an option.

Head of Marketing, at – Michelle Goodall, told the Affiliate Marketing Podcast: “An online community is also known as a virtual community, an internet community, or a digital community. I’ve come at it very much from a marketing perspective and community or marketing as a definition is the management process, which is responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements properly. So, when you sort of smash community and when you smash marketing together, you’ve got this thing called community-based marketing.”

On the other hand, Mike Schmidt from Shopify Collabs stands by Word of Mouth marketing and influencers, ahem, influence on the best way to market. He says: “How do you get the product in the hand of the person that’s going to be talking about it? Why don’t you just send out a bunch of products to your favourite creators, your favourite influencers, and your super fans that happen to be creators? There are two things that’ll benefit from that. One is that you’ll get the product in the hands of the person that could potentially say some really nice things about you on social media.”

Artificial intelligence

The buzz around ChatGPT and AI tools, in general, is not going away anytime soon, and indeed it was a feverish topic for discussion throughout this season of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast.

Rob Berrisford gave his two cents, saying: “For me, this isn’t about swapping the humans out. It’s about supercharging the humans and shaving five minutes off 20 tasks a day. It’s incredible. Our parents used to do similar jobs without laptops and without computers and we didn’t reduce the need for humans. It’s just a thousand times what we could achieve in our working day. And I think AI will work in the same way that the personal computer did. Interesting.”

If you tune in to our latest episode, you will hear from Edwyn McFarlane, founder of affiliate marketing network, Coam, and his opinion on ChatGPT.

He says: “As good as the (AI) content is, it still requires an awful lot of work to make it useful, both to an end user and also from a website owner perspective. I still have to go and find the images, I still have to go and create the internal links to other pages, and I still have to go and create the external links to other sites.

“For me, it’s like a really advanced kind of assistant. It’s not yet something that I fear. Either in terms of my job or my future or anyone else’s to be quite honest.”

Adapting to new markets

One particularly standout episode was with Gilles Catteeuw, Head of Acquisition for Premier Bet Partners. Premier Bet covering an African market rather than a Western or European market has meant a lot of insights into the importance of understanding cultural differences, even when it comes to affiliate marketing.  

Gilles said: “Well, you touched upon it briefly; it’s one continent. No two competencies are the same. I think board operators and affiliates need to be aware of the country level digital adoption. The cost of data, infrastructure, and smartphone adoption in general. I think that’s the biggest thing. The most actionable way of segmenting any African country within what we do, I find, is smartphone users versus featured phone users, which again is a very African phenomenon. A smartphone user is probably the most compatible with what we are used to.”

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Listen to find out more about:

  • Alex Bogh and Simon Dichoe Thomassen’s take on a bright future with data transparency
  • Rob Berrisford’s take on the current AI craze taking over the internet
  • Michelle Goodall’s advice on infiltrating

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[10:00] – Mike Schmidt’s opinion on Word of Mouth marketing

[20:00] – Gilles Catteeuw’s take on the differences in working with an African userbase

[25:00] – Cole Chapman’s advice on reaching the people in their communities

[35:00] – Edwyn McFarlane’s golden nugget piece of advice for affiliates

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