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What I learned about Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Well, we’re back! Happy New Year everyone! In the first episode of 2023, the Affiliate Marketing podcast is back. This week Lee-Ann is reminiscing over the lessons learned from 2022 and what to take into 2023.

Join us in the first of many podcasts as we go into 2023 and look back over the most valuable insights learned in the industry. Hopefully, they can lead the way into the future. We’re looking at a few of those insights here.

“Affiliate” is outdated

“Affiliate” is a term that has had its day. When you ask what an affiliate is, there are a lot of different answers to that question. On top of that, it doesn’t fully answer the question. Lee-Ann poses that the idea of an affiliate has gotten away from us.

Lee-Ann says: “Our industry is getting bigger and broader and the word ‘affiliate’ doesn’t do it justice anymore. As affiliate managers and practitioners of performance marketing, we need to keep up to date with every aspect of acquisition marketing across multiple channels – we need to employ a learning lead culture in our teams to keep moving skills forward.”

Mental health is important too

Now, more than ever, it’s important to look after our minds as much as our bodies. In an online industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so a major lesson Lee-Ann and affiliate marketing is taking into the future is to look after yourself and your staff.

Lee-Ann stresses: “We work all kinds of crazy hours in digital, but work should NOT take over your life or define who you are. Affiliate Marketing is a highly stressful environment to work in and often I see affiliate managers working overtime to get things done, burning out and not being able to deliver the right service for partners because of overwhelm.”

People are what makes this industry great

Affiliates aren’t a link in a blog, but people. The influencers, bloggers, affiliate managers, social media managers, and other industry peers that make this concept great. It’s important to appreciate them and to learn to outsource to experts where needed.

Lee-Ann says: “Take time to find the right people with the right buy into the business and the services you are offering to hire later on. People are what make a business grow and I’m blessed to have learnt this early on and found a team of superstars to join Affiverse Ltd. who are as passionate about Affiliate Marketing as I am.”

The grind never stops

Of course, there are always opportunities to learn, even at the top of the affiliate marketing world. The industry is always evolving, and companies are always upgrading and that comes with small lessons learnt making a big difference.

As Lee-Ann points out: “New channels, new platforms, new ways of engaging customers… We’ll be focused on developing new learning every day in 2023 and we’d love to bring you along with us on that journey.”

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Listen to find out more about:

  • Lee-Ann’s reflections on 2022 and hopes for 2023
  • Reflecting back on the most important lessons of the year
  • Refocussing our service in the Affiliate Marketing world

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[06:00] – People are at the heart of affiliate marketing

[08:00] – Performance marketing is not a channel

[17:00] – The fortune and responsibilities of being a leader.

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