What affiliates need to consider before choosing a traffic source

A traffic source is a crucial part of affiliate marketing. Whether you are an affiliate or a program manager, you need to have a key understanding of what a traffic source is and how it can best be implemented to your advantage.

These can play a key part in many other aspects of your strategy. With the right ones, you can shape your SEO, SEM, and many other parts of your operations. Here are some of the things you should look at when picking traffic sources!

The cost

Obviously, the traffic source that you choose to use is going to have a different cost depending on a variety of factors. There is some stiff competition out there, and you need to make sure that you are not overspending on a source that will not deliver the results that you want.

The volume

Different marketing campaigns can generate different interest and revenue for you, and the exact same can be said for traffic sources. Networks that promise a lot of traffic might not necessarily have the best quality of traffic. Likewise, others might offer you the chance to play around with high volumes for a low cost, plus a few different verticals to try.

The rules and regulations

As with any aspect of affiliate marketing, you need to make sure that you are staying compliant with any rules and regulations that govern traffic sources, as they are there. These can often relate to having misleading banners and other forms of advertising that do not deliver as promised. Every source that you do decide to use will come with a long list of rules that you need to make sure you follow precisely.

The options for targeting

Targeting gives you control over the wider campaign, and allows you to focus in on specific areas. Just as you can target a campaign towards certain operating systems, languages, or demographics, so should you be able to target traffic sources – but remember that some systems will limit the extent of your targeting!

The niche

Who are you expecting to reach with your campaigns? Knowing your niche puts you forward on a fantastic step that allows you to master a particular vertical. Information is key in the world of affiliate marketing, and knowing how a traffic source will perform in your preferred vertical will then allow you to create an effective campaign that you can use to properly drive interest.

Knowing how your traffic sources work and understanding key factors that help to determine their makeup will allow you to choose the ones that will work for you in the best ways. There are so many different sources out there and each will have various advantages and disadvantages for your program.

Consider what is right for your program and what would work best with your intended strategy and projection. Curating your traffic correctly can help to boost your network and affiliate marketing and can help to deliver the results you want to see.

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