We’ve made it, but what’s next?

Last week, I wrote about the idea behind launching Affiverse. 
I covered the thrill and the fear of being an entrepreneur, and how over the course of the year our confidence levels have grown as we make strides delivering affiliate services for operators and affiliates alike. 
This week, I want to share what it felt like to take the business from start up to where we are now as we continue to establish Affiverse as an absolute authority on affiliate marketing, training and coaching in the igaming industry.

The ‘now what?’ phase…

As Affiverse faces it’s second year I feel a mix of elation and trepidation. While I am delighted to have made it through the first year, I know the next 12 months will be even tougher than the last. It’s now that our work really begins.
A growing business faces standard hurdles that must be cleared and often on the fly, from fine-tuning operations to implementing processes and working out the formula for ensuring you expand on the year before.
For me, this has meant letting go and allowing others – who are far more qualified and capable to take the lead. You also have to learn to trust your gut. A passion for affiliate marketing is what drives us, that has meant developing new unique events, bespoke training courses and expanding our affiliate coaching services.
Phil Fraser, affiliate veteran and previous owner of well known portal www.whichbingo.com  once told me that each time he expanded his affiliate business and hired more people he felt apprehensive, but each time he took the risk and hired new talent in, he could pin point the growth spurt alongside. 
It was great advise, and I’ve not forgotten it. 

We’ve got this… 

When I look back, I am most proud of the calibre of clients we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. I’ve got high expectations and even higher standards. Everything we do is created with the end user in mind.  We offer a high client to staff ratio, which means we are able to deliver increased value. 
I like this model, it works for us, and our clients benefit too. 
Our early success has been created from adapting to, and capitalising on, the ever-evolving industry, To do this, we have had to really understand who we are, who we serve and where we can add the most value in the ecosystem. 
We have a considered approach to everything we do, and have spilt our service into four clear pillars of support: 

1) Content and thought leadership 

Content is king and it’s also our area of expertise. Our content is highly valuable, delivers key learnings about what’s happening in the digital space and educational. Best of all we offer it to affiliates free. 

2) Training 

We know what it takes to be a super star affiliate manager and with two decades of experience behind us we focus on helping managers strategise and implement tactics that support program growth.

3) Events 

Affiliate entrepreneurs need help to keep ahead of what’s changing in the digital landscape. Our bootcamps and business coaching retreats are packed valuable expert lead content thats unique to our events. We have an incredible network of speakers that we allow you access on a direct and personal level. All you have to do is take the time out to attend. 

4) Agency services 

This is where we will push harder this year. Affiliate management is a skill, not a marketing function. A a laser focussed strategy is key to building a successful affiliate program. We have a lot of experience in this field, and want share it on a larger scale.

The new year brings a great focus… 

Affiliate Marketing is a fast paced industry, and we’ll be trucking on – right in the thick of it. I’m excited about what 2019 will bring, as it sure as heck promises to be a lot of fun and ultimately rewarding year ahead. 
Next week I’ll be talking about what the year ahead for affiliate marketing will look like and how operators and affiliates can work together to help channel growth.

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