UK MPs call for a daily cap of £50 for online gambling

A joint cross-party group of UK MPs are urging iGaming operators to install daily spending limits for their customers during the Covid-19 pandemic of £50 per day.

Temporary betting caps

In a letter to the trade association the Betting and Gaming Council (BCG) , the  All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm (APPG) urged gambling operators to step up their efforts and take urgent measures to protect customers amid the current COVID-19 pandemic and suggested, amongst other measures, that operators issue a self imposed £50 daily spending limit for their customers.

This would be “a clear demonstration that the industry is willing to act responsibly and do what they can to protect the nations financial and mental health” at this time.

They also called for operators to introduce blocks on gamblers opening multiple accounts, which would allow them to gamble more than the cap recommended, and to accelerate interventions for customers displaying signs of disordered gambling.

Further Worries

Two further issues must be highlighted. There is the question of affordability, what a person can afford to lose per day is not the same for another. Therefore, affordability checks should be conducted by operators on players. A procedure that could drive gamblers to illegal unlicensed operators.

Rules to be tightened

The country, which is cracking down on problem gambling, is being reviewed by the government and UK Gambling Commission that will deliver new rules and recommendations later this year.

New rules are reported to be stricter. Rumour has it that there would be a total ban on sports advertising, sponsorship of professional sports teams and social media advertising along with VIP programmes.

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