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UK lottery seeing growth across multiple areas

While other areas of gambling are following, the UK lottery is seeing some excellent growth across multiple areas. Both society lotteries and the National Lottery have seen growth from April 2019 to March 2020.

There are many different lotteries in the UK that affiliates and players alike could choose to get involved with. They offer many different jackpots, and support many good causes across the country.

The National Lottery, powered by Camelot, saw sales of £7.9 bn in this period. This included retail sales worth £5.45 bn and online sales worth £2.46 bn. This led a gross yield of £3.4 bn, an increase of 10.4% on the previous period.

Other UK lottery options saw revenue increase by 13.3%. This gave them an overall revenue of £611.6 m. The revenue generated for good causes dropped by 10.7% to £366.8 m. This is still a substantial amount – but not as much as has been seen in previous years.

This is all in contrast to a decrease that has been seen in other areas of gambling in the UK. Following restrictions to place a maximum of £2 wagers on B2 gaming machines, many operators have reported plummeting revenue.

While online channels continued to experience growth, many land-based areas saw a decrease. With the last 11 days of this period marking the closure of these facilities following the outbreak of COVID-19, the next set of figures might reveal further falls.

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