Tradedoubler announces new blockchain-backed open platform

Digital marketing firm Tradedoubler has announced its product vision of an open platform that will ‘enable automated and transparent direct relationships between advertisers and publishers using Blockchain technology for the storage of data’.
In doing so  it will become the first affiliate network to offer a platform that is fully open, transparent and automated. A new publisher API will be released on 20 March alongside a new publisher interface as the first application of this platform.
Tradedoubler will utilise Blockchain technology to store business data between partners. Transactional data will be accessible and fully transparent to eliminate fraud and enable the development of new functionalities around payments, reporting and attribution.
The soon-to-be-launched publisher API will enable partners to either integrate it with their own internal systems, connect with tools or build and develop own business streams like mobile apps or other applications.
Following the March release, the firm has promised to ‘continuously deliver new functionalities to the publisher platform while working on the dedicated APIs and interfaces for advertisers and agencies’.
The availability of these new interfaces and the matching APIs is scheduled for the second half of 2019. Key deliveries will include multiple publisher user accounts and role based access, direct publisher recruitment for our advertisers and agencies, validations, creative and commission APIs.

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