Three Question Podcast: Eitan Gorodetsky

This is the first in a monthly series of the new Three Question Podcast, brought to you by the Affiverse.

Our founder and CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone welcomes the most prominent figures in the affiliate marketing industry for an in-depth discussion on the hot topics in the affiliate sector, with points to give advice, and to also help integrate what is being discussed into your own business.

For the first installment of the monthly podcast, Lee-Ann invited Eitan Gorodetsky, the Group Head of SEO & PCC of Betsson Group, for a discussion on SEO search engines and how research strategies are changing.

Eitan, who has previously joined Lee-Ann Johnstone on the stage at the recent Digital Marketing Forum, delves into the best ways that digital marketers can look at collaborative marketing while also working heavily on not confusing the user.

The SEO expert also looks into the topics of adaptation, where he breaks down the ideas of changing strategies for different platforms. Different approaches must be used when moving from TV to YouTube for example, while Eitan stresses on the importance of not shoving content down the customer’s throat, it is vital to adapt your content to slot into the correct medium.

Finally, both Lee-Ann and Eitan discuss the new phenomenon of Voice search and the relevancy of it. While Eiten Gorodetsky has known the technology from recent ventures, he explains why some industries haven’t matured enough in order to use the technology.

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Listen to More Podcasts

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