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Within iGaming, the competition is fierce. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your competition, to figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. Then, you can go ahead and adopt the parts of their strategy that works and build on them for your own affiliate brand. 

In this article, we’ll be teaching you all about how to spy and why this information is important.

Spying on social media

We’re pretty restricted as to what we can do on social media as iGaming affiliates, so if your competitor discovers a good way to reach a new audience, then you’d better build on it. Buzzsumo is a great tool that allows you to view the social signals on your competitor’s organic content. 

This allows you to track where the social shares began and what exactly fuelled them. This is great information for you to have, as you can spot the influencers and content triggers that kick off the chain reaction. You can even delve deeper into this and think about how you would write to appeal to this audience. 

If you’re already using Hootsuite to schedule posts, then make sure you’re using the streams on the homepage to their full advantage. By aligning your competitors into these streams, you’re able to keep track of all of them in one place, saving you time and showing you the kernels that you want to look for. 

Don’t just look for interaction on their posts, as you also want to watch how these posts impact their follow figures. If you see a massive jump up in these numbers, then go back and check out the content that they have posted over the past 24 hours. Then, you can begin to figure out what brings in their new followers, something that they may neglect to do for themselves. 

Following their content strategy 

You won’t always have time to look at every other affiliate and what content they’re putting out. There are some tools that help you to curate trends and pull their feeds into one place. You can start by using RSS feeds to pull all of their content into one place. This will allow you to see the topics that are trending within the industry. 

This will also help you to assess which operators are paying for precedence. If you see a spate of articles about one operator, then you can bet they’re giving a good cut of the commission to get that visibility.

Check out the content itself too, look at the graphics and videos that they are using. If you see an article with an infographic or video, you can easily see how your user would become more engaged by this, then you can apply these principles to your own site. It’s all about establishing trust with new users, if you want to be as effective as your competitors then figure out how they do this. 

If you do see a topic or article that you think works particularly well, then think of a way that you could expand on that. This could be a more in depth version or an extension of their article. Don’t just copy what they have done, improve and expand in a way that makes your version better. Search engines will reward you for creating a better version. 

Be sure to check out their backlinks too, as this could be native content placed elsewhere. There are plenty of backlink checkers out there, so use these to figure out where and when this content is appearing. 

Observing the paid media aspect

There are so many ways that you can spy on paid media, whether you want to see what competitors are up to on PPC or social ads. Spyfu allows you to take a look at your competitors’ budgets and top keywords on PPC, then you can decide if these are worth your investment. 

Paid media in iGaming can be incredibly expensive, so the more information you have the better. With some keywords costing a huge amount, checking out your competitors’ activity can save you a lot of money. Work out their user flow too, click on their ads and figure out what makes their landing page effective. 

If you want to learn how to make your affiliate business bigger and better than ever before, then book your FREE ticket to AffiliateFEST now. We’ll be sharing great insights to help you to steal your competitors’ strategy and make it your own. 

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