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The Performance Marketing Association And The Effects Tech Trends Will Have On Affiliate Marketing

And we’re back with another Affiliate Marketing podcast. This week, Lee-Ann is talking about all things tech and their effects on the affiliate marketing industry with her guest, Tricia Meyer. This Executive Director of Performance Marketing Association, its friends call it PMA, is offering her insights into online tools like toolbars and extensions, the rise of Slack, and the controversial introduction of AI-generated content. 

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What tech advancements might have in store for the affiliate marketing industry

Lee-Ann and Tricia ended up diving into a lot of topics that surround the current advancements on the internet, including Slack, the Metaverse, and AI-generated content. And things got pretty interesting. Take a look at the insights from the podcast that indicate what we’ll see in the future of affiliate marketing. 

The Metaverse

The Metaverse has been said to change everything. It’ll change how we use the internet on its most basic level. It’ll change how we game, how we work, and, as we’ve explored, how we’ll advertise. But Lee-Ann is thinking about the branding side of things.

Lee-Ann said: “The metaverse hasn’t even launched, like properly launched, right? There’s, there’s a lot of Metaverses. So, how do you protect your brand there and how are you going to make sure that partners are representing your brand properly? So, this kind of stuff is happening like day to day, and it’s changing day to day.”

Toolbars and extensions

While discussing how brands can improve business websites and, crucially, the user experience, Lee-Ann and Tricia got onto the idea of new extensions and toolbars. 

Tricia pointed out: “There’s with all of these different opportunities, these different technologies that are great for the consumers and new opportunities for merchants to work with more companies.”

“Every time something else new and shiny comes along in affiliate marketing, everyone kind of throws up their hands and says, “oh”, and then we all somehow figure it out. I think it’s just one of those times again, where we are seeing toolbar and extensions popping up within the Performance Marketing Association.”

AI-generated content

AI-generated content is causing a lot of people to ask questions worthy of a Philip K. Dick novel. Just this week, famed soulful singer Nick Cave denounced AI-generated music, saying “Songs arise out of suffering, by which I mean they are predicated upon the complex, the internal human struggle of creation and, well, as far as I know, algorithms don’t feel.”

But does that matter when you’re thinking about copy for the sake of marketing? And what are the ethics of having an algorithm create content for the consumer, and not humans?

Lee-Ann said: “It seems to be a hot topic in the New Year. New ways to do things using artificial intelligence. We need to think about what are the best practices for that affiliate programs. Is it content that is AI generated and charges the client a listing fee or whatever the case may be? How are we going to be monitoring this and what are the best practices? What are your thoughts on that?”

Tricia: “I’ll say as an affiliate, we’re already testing it. We’ve been watching to see how fast they can rank. Just in the month of December on one of my sites, we saw that a post that was generated by that with just a couple of unique images jumped into our top, I think it was number 35, on our most organic traffic for the month of December, which for one post that we didn’t even launch until the second week of December was pretty darn good.”

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Listen to find out more about:

  • The disruptive nature of AI content
  • Is Slack the newest networking town centre?
  • The economic issues affecting affiliate marketing and consumers
  • Innovation as the key to survival in the affiliate market

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[05:00] – The exciting expansion of Performance Marketing Association

[10:00] – Is Slack the new hub for networking?

[15:00] – The rise of online tools in aiding the consumer

[20:00] – AI as a content marketing tool

[25:00] – AI content’s effect on SEO

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