The Affiliate Marketing Podcast – Common mistakes affiliate programs make and how to fix them

This is already the finale of Season 3 of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast! Throughout this season, Lee-Ann Johnstone has been discussing some of the hot topics in affiliate marketing with industry experts. In this episode, Lee-Ann talks shop with Head of Agency services, Leanna Klyne about the common problems affiliate programs have with their tech and infrastructure and how you can overcome these.

Prior to joining the Affiverse in April 2019, Leanna had spent over 10 years at Paysafe Group. During her time there, she held various positions – most notably as B2C Partnership Marketing Manager. Her expertise lies in building strong relationships, creating digital strategies and driving revenue.

Leanna also has a longstanding relationship with AI CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone having worked with her for eight years at Paysafe. If you’d like to know more about Leanna, make sure to read the interview we had with her last year.

Listen to hear more about:

  • Affiliate recruitment and onboarding process.
  • The impacts of a poorly done work when setting up an affiliate program and keys to fixing it.
  • Cost & Revenue in running an affiliate marketing program
  • Essential checklist prior to affiliate program launch

[03:55] Lee-Ann and Leanna discuss the common issues halting affiliate outreach and program growth and tactics to fix them, especially in the iGaming industry.

[09:00] Leanna talks about the importance of getting the right setup for your affiliate program and the impacts of a wrong setup.

[18:00] Listen here to know more about the dangers of setting up auto-approval for your affiliate program and the importance to get to know your affiliate before working together.

[26:33] Hear Lee-Ann summarising the key tips and mistakes to avoid, as discussed with Leanna, prior to launching your affiliate program.

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